Snow and Shopping

Joth and I had a successful shopping trip with the boys into Hemel today to find them something smartish with the rest of the money that Granny and Umpa had given them for Christmas.  Primark came up trumps for them with warm, light, waterproof coats for £3 each, trousers for £3 and a nice V-neck for Oscar for £4.  Luc went to TKMaxx for a top from the clearance rail for £5 and a shirt for £6.   Job done.  I will try to post a picture later as they are very pleased with their purchases.

We went back for a lovely lunch and then managed to get a gang of a few of us together to go for a walk in Ashridge.  Oscar decided to stay at home but he wants to come tomorrow because we found a fantastic hill for sledging where the snow had really turned to ice so it was very fast!  Anton had a go with Joth, and Luc went really fast on his goes.  He even went flying over a ridge at one point but I didn’t get that on camcorder unfortunately!   He was rather unnerved at the beginning though as he suddenly seemed to get very out of breath and looked rather frightened.  When I got near him I could hear him wheezing away as he does in the middle of an asthma attack.  It’s never been so sudden before.  He said he thought he wanted to go home but after a minute or two he seemed better and went on to enjoy himself again.  There were no sign of any breathing problems later.  It was lovely to be out enjoying the snow together.

Joth and I have been doing a nice lot of reading while we are away.  Joth is reading a murder thriller (is that why I am seeing a murderous look come in to his eyes sometimes?) and I have been reading one of my favourite authors, Margaret Forster in a book about a daughter who is reading her mothers diary.  The daughter has a very different view of what happened and there is obviously a lot of bitterness and resentment there.   There are no particular dramas in the story, just the dramas of ordinary life and it feels horribly real.  I love the way she writes with such clarity and detail about family life through the generations.  It does make me wonder though about this blog.   Perhaps it’s not such a benign thing afterall.  It is certainly true that even by omitting writing about certain more sensitve issues and feelings (in an effort not to hurt anyone or just put my view across) that I am distorting the picture.  Perhaps it is enough to say that family life is never straight forward, relationships need constant readjustment and that by just recording facts and more of the good stuff I am trying to focus us on the good life that we are lucky enough to be able to have.


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