Home Again

We finished our stay in Hemel with a lovely day yesterday and decided not to spoil it by trying to drive last night particularly as we had had some very late nights recently.   Joth and his father had one of their late night chats one night (accompanied with the usual drinks!) and then the next night Joth and I seemed to find the energy to have a very late night chat until about 2am.  Sometimes it seems that the dark is condusive to finding truths that we don’t always have the energy for.  It was a difficult chat in places but cleansing and we feel much the better for it.  This time of year often brings it’s own renewal naturally for us without the need to dwell on resolutions and other artificial means.  I think being with family is grounding too and we were lucky enough to see lots of family from both sides this Christmas thanks to Joth’s parent’s hospitality.

We even saw my brother again yesterday as he rang to ask if we’d like to go to see “Avatar” with him which is a groundbreaking film in 3D.  I went with the boys and Dave had even bought drinks and sweets for us all.  It was a great film – a sci-fi fantasy with the emphasis on fantasy.  The 3D was done beautifully as it just added to the film.  Other 3D films seem gimmiky in comparison.  I suspended my disbelief very well, and was very moved by it (although while I’m pregnant I’m doing my usual trick of being able to cry at adverts and the like.)

David came back to Joth’s parent’s with us for a smoked salmon buffet so they catered for even more of my family this Xmas!

It had been a lovely last day with sledging again in the morning as we took Oscar back to where we’d been the day before only unfortunately it seemed icier and Lucas fell off  a couple of times and didn’t want to do it anymore.  Undeterred, Oscar sledged on, trying to make a video of himself falling off dramatically for You’ve Been Framed.   Unless they have a section called “Hamming it up” I’m not sure we’ll scrape our £250.

So, after a long journey this morning (where Anton didn’t enjoy much of the first 3 1/4 hrs and only fell asleep in the last 20mins) we’ve been slowly unpacking and tidying.  The house seemed cold and shabbby when we got back but with the heating on and with the warmth of the childrens exhuberance it feels homely again.  The boys have been making their Xmas Warhammer all afternoon and are nearly set to play the Warhammer board game that Granny and Umpa gave them so there has been great excitement there.

Anton has been pottering about very happily.  He’s such a ray of sunshine.  Everything is fun to him.  I can always see a change in him after we’ve been away too.  His talking has come on and he knows quite a few complicated words and is linking more together now.   He’s been as polite as ever over Christmas  How on earth has that happened??!  It’s never been something I’ve insisted on, or even asked for as I’ve tried to resist asking them to say “Sorry” for things when they don’t feel sorry, or saying thank you when you don’t feel grateful – much as I’d like them to be!  He just smatters lots of of thank you’s and please’s everywhere – he’ll often say the two together for added effect.  He is also quick to say sorry, even when it’s someone else’s fault, if he sees someone is upset or if he knows he’s done wrong.

We also had a parcel awaiting us, from Matt – our old Swiss lodger.  It contained such goodies as Raclette cheese, Toblerone, sweets, a game and some Playdough and cutters in.   We were bowled over.   What a lovely thing to do.  Things like that make you feel like being more giving and generous yourself.


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