Gingerbread House

We made a good start on the gingerbread house today, ready to finish for New Years Eve.  We all mixed it together, then they rolled it out and cut out the shapes and made the boiled sweets windows and then decorated the sides.  I did the clearing away all by myself of course.  It’s quite an exhausting operation.  Why do I start these traditions?!  Still, they do seem to love it.  I just let them get on with their own ideas these days so this year we have a mixture of marzipan snowmen and dead elves (killed with cocktail sticks) to put around the house.  Anton cut out biscuits with his new animal play dough cutters from Matt and then put icing on and sweets but didn’t like the idea of the sweets staying on the biscuits so took them all off again and put them back in the pot.

The boys are having a most boisterous evening as I write but they are all having such fun I’m just staying out of it.  Anton took his nappy off after his bath and ran around like a mad thing, so the boys took their clothes off and ran after him (not suitable videoing material I thought unfortunately).   Now they are busy covering Anton with tattoos.  He loves them and is squealing with laughter.  I will go and get some video footage of the before bit (as in, before he gets some horrible skin reaction).


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