Cranking back up

So we attempted our second home ed morning this term and it was much more successful than yesterday.  Yesterday Anton got himself in a very bad temper and I found it very difficult to get him out of it while keeping the boys attention.  In the end all I really managed with them was piano and violin practise and I was feeling really low at the end of it all as I’d also got stressed over it and couldn’t remember how on earth I’d ever managed to do more.

Today we did history, maths, handwriting and violin and piano practise and there was a good atmosphere throughout from everyone including Anton.  I think Anton needs to get back in to the swing of it too I suppose.  He’s been used to more undivided attention with lots of people about and while he still gets lots of attention (this morning the boys played with him a lot when I was working with the other one or in between activities, not because I told them to but just because they like to) he also potters more and plays with things alongside us.  He is slowly getting used to sitting back in his seat too at meal times, instead of sitting on Joths lap as he got in to the habit of while we had longer, holiday meal times (now Joth scoots back to work and I am cooking and washing up etc – now who’d have ever thought we’d get in to those roles!).   All in all it is a gradual readjustment for us all.


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