Back to work

My first full day of work so far this year.   It’s about time too as it’s a lean time of year, despite the teaching (actually the snow hasn’t helped the income on that score as 50% of them couldn’t make it last week).

It was a most enjoyable day too, with good friends, bad coffee and lots of A level students writing music for us to play.  We get booked by a group of schools to play their student’s compositions and it’s always interesting seeing what they come up with and giving them ideas, or trying not to, because I’m never convinced as to how valid our particular viewpoint is anyway.  We’re basically just going on what our experience of playing a large amount of repertoire has given us.   I love working with kids of that age too and I find myself imagining our boys at that stage in not very many years time.  They seem so see-through and vulnerable,  just trying to find themselves – or trying to.

I was lying awake last night (as you do when you know you have a busy day to get up to) watching Anton while he was asleep.  Actually, “watching” sounds too passive whereas I was just gazing at him, lapping him up and trying to take in how utterly adorable he is to fix him in my mind as he is now and not a day older.  Two is such a wonderful age.   I seem to have been saying that at every age with the others which has been lovely, as I think I thought there would be some point at which I would start feeling it was downhill from here (awful as that sounds).  But there hasn’t been (so far).  I am enjoying the older ones growing up and celebrating their “stretching out” for the next stages in their lives but I am relishing having a little one to go alongside.  Seeing Anton sleeping, arms flung out without a care in the world, getting himself geared up for the next day of grabbing everything that life can give him with such utter earnestness, brought on a few soppy tears at 3 in the morning.  I blame pregnancy for these little emotional outbursts.  It’s nice to have an excuse.

It always takes me by surprise that their sense of humour develops so early on.  He gets all my jokes (perhaps they are something you grow out of rather than in to though) and makes up several of his own.  He is so ready to laugh which seems to be something we definitely grow out of all too soon.  Joth said I could do with smiling the other day.  I’m sure he’s right.  I’ve just tried to “lighten” my face as I write, as if a smile is ready to break out and I feel better already.  I’ve got to go and pick up the boys in a minute (they’ve been playing with R & A all afternoon) so I’ll see if it works on them.   I suppose they can’t think I’m any stranger than they do already.


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  1. We have a two-year-old as well. And I’ve always thought that two is the cutest age! 🙂

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