7 months and feeling it

I feel very pregnant tonight.  That heavy, lumbering sort of pregnant, complete with indigestion and a dragging tiredness that isn’t just lack of sleep alone although I’m sure sleeping badly for the last two nights and having two busy work days hasn’t helped.   Anton decided he wanted some water in the middle of the night last night and I went downstairs to get some while he waited quietly for me but as soon as I got back in the room he screamed “I want more!”  before he’d even seen how much was in there!  He seems to be a “cup completely full” sort of chap at the moment.   He decided he needed to go on to the landing to shout for Daddy to fill it.  Aarrggh!  Luckily, he did quieten quickly when I asked if he could hear the rain outside.

I arrived back from work at the same time as our shopping delivery arrived but I’m ashamed to say that I just lay on the sofa while Joth unpacked it all, did tea for Anton and went and got fish from the chippy for the rest of us (yes, I know, £150 worth of stuff to eat in the house and we’d promised the boys fish and chips in front of the TV instead).   Joth had also cleared up quite a bit during the day as Steven is due to arrive later on and he’d even got hammers and nails to build a contraption for the kids monitor to sit on.

I do like this occasional role reversal (and no, I don’t mean the tool kit!)  I even found during the TV dinner (special treat evening as the boys call it) that I had switched off and Joth was the one collecting up the plates before we’d all finished and making sure Anton didn’t get hold of the ketchup bottle when usually I am doing that and wondering why no one else is.   It seems as if whoever is in “that role” earlier in the day carries on in that role.  I don’t feel I mind the mess so much tonight because I haven’t battled with it/looked at it all day.



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4 responses to “7 months and feeling it

  1. It’s so nice to see that you have a blog! :). I’ll be following you. 🙂

  2. Wow, 7 months gone and I didn’t even know you were expecting – how bad is that? lol. Nice to know I keep up with the gossip isn’t it? :o)

    We are in the “planning” stages, I’m very broody for another…

    • lindsay349

      Ah Julia, maybe it’s families like yours that make me think that having 4 children is a good idea! I can understand why you want more and more! x

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