Blue skies and chocolate shortbread

The boys grumbled like mad this morning as we went off to a Suzuki piano workshop.  They love piano but…  “It’s Sunday!”  was the cry that I heard about 100 times this morning.  Anyone would think they had been hard at work all week or something!   Anton was the one who should have been moaning as he had to sit quietly through 2 hours of workshop (with books and fruit and his ever faithful playmobil horses!)  but he just loves being out and about though and remained his cheerful self throughout.  Jill gave him his customary little lesson at the end…  Ahhh!

We then couldn’t waste another minute of the gorgeous sunshine and unbelievably BLUE sky and so we had a lovely trip to the Avon Dam with Joth and the bikes.  Joth had to demonstrate that he hadn’t lost his knack with the old handbrake turn.  The fact that he looked like “Hungry Hippo” on the bike didn’t bother him.  Actually Oscar was looking rather too big for his bike too which is rather annoying as he’s just had his birthday and Xmas and I hadn’t realised.

It was a lovely day but Joth and I got rather pensive about the boys and the changes that this new baby might bring.  Joth was saying that he got all nostalgic about time passing as he was folding Lucas’ SpongeBob pyjamas today (as you do) and I was thinking about how lovely it is that all the boys love being with us, all together like this, and that they still look at us with such open faces and so ready to smile.   They laugh at us as well as with us these days, but only in fun and to join in with us, they don’t find us annoying… yet.  How strange it will be when they do, when they are looking at us as people and finding us lacking and irritating.   That is when I think it will make all the difference if I have found a way to treat them respectfully as a matter of course.   I have a way to go yet.  I snap at them for all sorts of things that I could let go of and at Joth too and of course they will take their cue from me in how they see him.  Saying that I worry that we could be too unreal and nicey nicey if we tried too hard sounds like the worry that I voiced when I started at the gymn all those moons ago, that I might get too muscley.  Needless to say, I never did.

I was trying to keep quiet earlier this week (unusual I know) as a chat was taking place amongst a group of mums that I don’t really know at a toddler group about how to keep their two year old out of their bed.  They turned to me to ask how we managed and I just said that we just had mattresses all over the place and that we play musical beds depending on who wants to sleep with who.  They did look quite shocked which was a shame because I don’t think I’m weird, just as I don’t think they are weird for doing it their way.  In fact we’ve only come to this way by a gradual “giving in” which now feels so natural and right I don’t know why I fought it at all.  Anton just woke up because the boys were horsing around as they went to bed but I just fed him back to sleep and he was asleep again in less than a minute.  He might have been up for hours without that but I remember thinking with the other two that I must get them “out of that habit” to make our lives easier.  I feel I spent a lot of time “getting out of habits” rather than just going with the flow and what felt easiest at the time and working it all out later, when perhaps it would work itself out anyway.  Anyway, I didn’t mention to the group of mums that Joth was only saying earlier that day that he’ll feel sad when Oscar (11) doesn’t want to come and join us in the middle of the night anyway as he sometimes does still.  Lucas seems to sleep far more solidly than Oscar, and he’s on the top bunk so perhaps that puts him off getting out of bed.  Having said that, he’s a much easier bed companion that Oscar who likes to sleep sideways, grind his teeth and rest his head against you.  Bless him.

Talking of “Grinding teeth,” reminds me about how I felt the other day on “grooming night.”   Between the four men I already have in this house I am sole medical advisor and remedy dispenser for various ailments including fungal foot infections, teeth grinding, dandruff, asthma, warts, and (potential) nits, and none of the men are in the least bit interested in helping themselves with these various conditions.   Even though the nits are not current, I still make it part of “grooming night” to sit them all down in front of something on the TV and wield the nit comb.  It makes their hair shine and makes sure I don’t miss them if they do strike.  Anyway, Anton likes it.  The other two do it under sufferance but Anton loves it and gets cross if I don’t spend as long on his little head as I do with the others.  My latest acquisition (or donation towards the conmen as Joth thinks of it) is a salt pipe which I have Lucas puffing away in case it will help his asthma.

To finish off our day, I cooked a rather splendid (even if I do say so myself) chicken and veg curry which everyone liked (full house!!!) and the boys made chocolate shortbread which was only slightly burnt.  I seem to burn all our baking, even though I always cut the temperature and the time suggested.   I used to blame the oven but that was our old oven and I do it in this one too.  I seem to be the only common factor.

When Anton was down we played a fun game of “Monarchy” with Joth who went and won even though we were telling him he was doing it all wrong all the way through, and we ate burnt chocolate shortbread.  Lucas insisted on sharing his sweets with us, (the ones I had bought to replace the fudge bar of his that I’d eaten) so we all had 1 1/2 sweets each too.


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