The Good, the Bad and the Happy

We’ve had a few lovely home edding days and they were satisfyingly productive ones too where I could tick lots of things off my mental list.  The boys are fully on board on the home ed mornings and are happy to get lots done with Anton slotting in beautifully, either copying some aspect of what they are doing or pottering alongside.  It’s all felt very easy somehow this week with lots of time to spare.  I’m not sure why it can feel that way sometimes and then other times I find it difficult even to stand still.

Having said that, I’m feeling that I mustn’t slip in to a rut (as is my habit) and keep to the same old formula but I do think they enjoy the outcome when they build on skills and “see things through” sometimes.  For instance: they have really improved their handwriting by doing a sheet on every home ed day for the past couple of weeks and music practise has been going well too, just by being methodical and consistent and they’ve really enjoyed their regular history listening, map colouring and quiz sessions (chocolate raisins have something to do with it – a terrible admittance but we do have such a laugh while we do it).   I do find that I am usually the one suggesting what we do and I would like it to be them.  All my fault I’m sure.   We don’t do anything they don’t want to do of course (for instance Oscar was saying he was bored of the maths programme we were doing so we’ve had a break) but it’s not the same as them taking the lead.

I was showing the boys “lapbooks” on the computer (seeing a few peoples blogs on the subject has been the inspiration) and the boys said they wanted to give them a go so I think we’ll add that to the mix next week.   Anton did his own version of a lapbook today before I’d even looked up what one was!   He just wanted a book with pictures of horses in but I couldn’t find one so we made one instead.  He did all the cutting and sticking and deciding where it all should go so beautifully and then he wanted to put stickers on and decided to put them over the the pictures of the horses as they needed “Butterfly eyes”  ! Luckily, I think I’ve at last learnt, and it’s taken me three children to do it, that actually the most important thing isn’t how I think it should look.  I don’t think I’ll be offering it to any lapbook websites though.

They also want to do lots of cookery as Dad and Dave gave them lovely cookery books for Christmas and they are inspired!  (I just need to go out and get some weird and wonderful ingredients.)  What I’d also like to be doing is adding some crazy science experiments in, and some art classes somehow, somewhere.  I’m about to try to book a Lego robotics workshop for a group so that’s hopefully something along those lines.

We’ve also been to Harberton (Wednesday) where the table tennis was on the go again and there was a nice crowd there.   R & A also came round this week for the usual afternoon of Warhammer battles and hilarious playstation games.  I’ve never ever thought Playstation could be as funny as they obviously find it.  Oscar almost cries with laughter every time.  They just get on so well, it’s really lovely.  I took this picture of Anton sitting alongside the big boys eating popcorn while he thinks he is playing the playstation too (he has the controller that doesn’t work but he doesn’t know that – yet – thanks to an elaborate system of plasters over the lights).

Anton loved his baby swimming group again and for those who were bothered about his last terms report, I’m happy to tell you that he is doing much better at his bubble blowing and his reach and dig arm action.  Phew.  That’s a load off my mind…  Meanwhile, I’m just enjoying spending time with him doing something he absolutely loves (and it has changed his fear of getting his hair wet which is more than helpful) and the fact that it is a beautifully warm pool where I can feel weightless for a few precious minutes.

The boys had a good piano lesson this morning and then we got violin practise done and I made soup with Anton before dashing off to a quartet gig.  We were pathetically happy today because we had access to a coffee machine where we could help ourselves and the clients were very complimentary about our playing.  I have to say though that it was the former that made all the difference to our little day.

I dashed home ready for our crap TV evening of “So you think I can dance?” or whatever it was but Sky had decided it was not worth recording after all so we had to watch Mr. Bean instead with popcorn.  I need popcorn in order to watch Mr. Bean.  The boys were ecstatically happy with it all though and Oscar was telling me to “Sit down mum, I’ll sort out drinks,” which was rather lovely.   It reminds me of the Oscar Wilde saying “In order to make children good just make them happy.”  I like that saying, not because I want to make children “good” but just because it highlights the problem with the way our society thinks about how we should make our children “behave” when we should really just be thinking about making sure they are happy.

We watched the dance programme results later so Anton got his go at hip hop dancing in.  He’s priceless.  Luc was also strutting his stuff in his room later.  They do get some good moves going sometimes which always surprises me (it’s not as if we gave them a head start in that area).   Kids just can’t go wrong I think, they just look so great whatever they do.


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