Deep questions

I don’t see much of the older boys on Mondays and Tuesdays, as the minute they get back from Acorns I start teaching violin until 8pm.  Lucas had been saving this question up though.  He seems to be going through a time of spiritual questioning but has obviously come up against a problem:

“Mum, if I started believing in God, what would I do when my birthday is on a Sunday, ’cause it will be in 2012?”

It turns out he is of course worrying about having to go to church every Sunday, even on his birthday.   All this before he has worked out the believing bit.

He has been questioning me quite a bit about belief recently (knowing that neither Joth or I believe but that other people he knows do).  They know I will (and have done) happily take them to church/synagogue/mosque or wherever might be requested and we explore lots of beliefs.

He wanted to know the other day how anyone can be sure about God if no one’s seen him so we had quite an interesting chat about what having “faith” means.   I do so love having these chats with them and what a privilege it is to have a little window in to their thoughts.   I try to just provoke more of their fresh thoughts rather than burden them with my stale ones.



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