Keeping an eye out

Anton has had a runny nose for a couple of days and last night Luc and I started coming down with a cold.  Of course that just means keeping a close eye on Lucas.  He seemed quite low this morning and said he was too ill for piano but his breathing seemed OK and I thought I’d push slightly for piano and see how we went.

It’s always such a tricky one because with his asthma I obviously want to encourage him to be the best judge of his symptoms but I think the thought of lying on the sofa watching Tom and Jerry in his pyjamas was simply more appealing than hurrying out for an 8.45am lesson.  I also don’t want him to assume that he is always going to get worse although sometimes in the past I didn’t always recognise the early symptoms and didn’t stop him before he did too much.   Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he hypes it up, far from it as he’s often been far more ill than he has realised but I know there is a real balance to find in there.   I think the emotional side of asthma is just beginning to kick in for him now, aged 8, and it has started to worry him in a way that it didn’t when he was younger which is only natural.

Still, he did have his piano lesson but has had a quiet day otherwise and decided not to go round to B’s when Oscar went this afternoon.  He even reminded me we needed to do violin practise this afternoon (I have an Easter egg tree running for my pupils which seems to be doing wonders for them all!)  and did some great stuff on his lapbook which he was really proud of.  It really suits the way he likes to work and present things.  I think he’s quite artistic which I often wonder if I should encourage more somehow (seeing as I am not particularly artistic in that way).

Anyway, I don’t know if the salt pipe I have had him puffing away on all day (doing 7/11 breathing on it which the oesteopath told me about) has helped or whether the worst is yet to come (perhaps tonight) but he seems OK so far, just sniffley and as white as a sheet with those dark circles under his eyes.   What I’d give to make him really healthy.


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