Luv Oo

Anton told me he loved me for the first time today.  Ahhh!   He bashed me with a book by accident, stroked my forehead and said “Sorry”, then gave me a kiss and said “Luv Oo”, in just the way I do to him (well except I think I pronounce it slightly more clearly!)

There was another first today, as Joth took him to his baby swimming class while I was working which seemed to have been enjoyable for both parties.   Joth rose to the occasion of being the only man there with dignity, and an old pair of shorts because he’s lost his swimming trunks.

Our goal has always been to share more of the doing things with the children… perhaps one day we’ll be able to.   Not that we’re complaining because we feel lucky anyway.  Joth was working this afternoon while the boys were playing with R&A and he said he just loved hearing how much fun they were having and felt privileged to just be there.   The boys played with R&A all day, first at their place in the morning and then here all afternoon, spending nearly 12 hours together -and even then my two wanted them to sleep over.

I had a productive rehearsal with a quintet this morning getting a programme together entitled “Music Through the Ages” to take in to schools.  We already have a couple of dates lined up and are hoping for lots more.  The chap we’re working with is a music coordinator in schools and seems someone who really gets things done so that is fantastic and everyone is excited by the project.  I have got rather sent on the idea of finding or making some costumes, especially feather masks – don’t ask.

Anton was lovely company this afternoon when I got back.  I love the fact that at his age, the simplest thing can be exciting, and we can have such gentle, pottering sort of conversations.  He’ll rush to get his shoes on with such enthusiasm if I say we’re going to post a letter, or rush to get his apron if I ask if he wants to wash up with me.   Today we popped up the road to see my wonderful friend Katina and he cuddled some of her horse ornaments and fell asleep on her sofa while we had a lovely chat.

When he woke up we waddled and toddled off together to the midwife.  She took me by surprise because I was expecting Mandy, mother of 5 and fountain of all knowledge, and I got someone who didn’t look old enough to even know about the birds and the bees let alone the outcome of it all.   I just think everyone seems to be getting younger which makes me feel older.  It’s all very unfair.  Still, she was very efficient and didn’t hang about cooing over hearing the heartbeat on the doppler machine thing which I was pleased about, having read rather too much negative stuff about ultrasound after the scan.   I even read that the doppler things are more potentially harmful than the scans.   In this particular case it feels like reading the stuff was harmful instead because I didn’t feel convinced enough to refuse, so I’m just left to wonder if I’ve done something I shouldn’t but then that’s pregnancy all over in my experience.  Hey ho.


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