We didn’t have a good start to the day today.  Lucas has still got his cold and I kept him off Acorns today as a precuation but his asthma seems to be OK so far (fingers crossed).  It’s just unnerving not knowing why one cold lands him in hospital and another has little effect.  I just hope he shrugs this one off.  Anton and I weren’t feeling great either but I drove everyone in (as part of the lift share).  All was fine until we came off the main road and suddenly the little roads were like an ice rink.   It was a beautiful day with bright blue sky and sunshine so it took me by surprise and we skidded over the road and in to the hedge, knocking the front bumper off the van.  Damn.

So there I was, 7 months pregnant, scrabbling around under the van, trying to tie the wretched bumper on with bits of string.  Two people stopped but only to tell me that it was even icier further on and that they were going back as a car had spun around!  A couple of other kids going to Acorns arrived too and ended up getting in my van once I’d stuck it together again so I dropped them off at the top of Sharonas hill and the six kids walked the last 1/2 mile looking like ye oldie country kids.

It’s just horrible skidding like that and feeling so out of control.  I didn’t let the kids think I was shaken as I didn’t want them to feel worried so I knocked back the rescue remedy and steeled myself for a huge garage bill (after £750 only last week).   Instead, they saw to it straight away and bolted it all back together again for a charge of £8.23!   Phew!

So we missed toddler group which was a shame because I really like that time with Anton.  Still, I did lots of good work with Lucas today and Anton had loads of stories – lots of them read by Lucas who really understands just how Anton loves to be read to and he even encourages him to count.  He can count to forty really quickly now – “One, two, three, forty!”



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2 responses to “Bumps

  1. lol, 1,2,3,40…

    love it 🙂
    Glad that nobody was hurt in the skidding incident, it must have been scary. I have been fortunate thus far not to be involved in such a thing, but Lee (husband) has been twice and he says it’s terrifying for those few moments with lack of control.

    (((hugs))) – and I’m glad it was under a tenner for repairs lol.

    Jules x

  2. lindsay349

    Thanks Jules. Unfortunately it’s not the first time for me (eeek!) but let’s hope it’s the last..! x

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