We’ve had a much better day today and I’m feeling much more positive and would like to disown the woman that was riddled with frustration about her first born treasure yesterday.  However, in the effort to be truthful I will not delete the post.

Suffice to say, I have already put in to practise several points from yesterday in that I was clearer and calmer today about what we were doing and when.  Mind you, it is Sunday and Sundays are always easier because usually we don’t do any practise or put any specific time aside for home ed (although sometimes things happen anyway of course).

Joth also takes part of the day off and today we all had a walk/bike ride from the Pavillions along the river side.  The boys were really enthusiastic about going out today and easily managed to agree between themselves on where they wanted to go and it suited me as it wasn’t a long car journey and was just a short potter.  It’s lovely doing things with Joth too as there is someone else to share the pushing of trikes and carrying coats and putting Anton in and out the van.  I’m finding it tricky even getting myself up in to the van at the moment!   Anton went on his little push trike today and loved it and they spent hours throwing stones in the river and then playing in the playground.  It was lovely to be out.  The boys like staging crashes on their bikes so that when  you go round a corner there they are spread-eagled across the path playing dead.  I am so used to it I just stepped over them and only realised that there was a passer by after they’d given us very strange looks.  Oops.

So, it was a lovely day with a typical Sunday feel, helped along by a big roast lunch, complete with pudding (left overs from last night when we had friends round) and crumpets and Oscars chocolate cake for tea.  Now we’re off to watch “So you think you can Dance,” which always causes hilarity here as Anton joins in and struts his stuff.

NOTE:  I did  add a new point to the list of small changes that will hopefully make differences in the smooth running of our household:

iv) ask one child to lay the table for a meal or complete a task, not both, as they get on with it quicker, knowing that no one else is expected to do it.  That seemed to work today.


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  1. Hi, have been enjoying reading your blog lately, and just thought I’d say hello!

    Laughed at you stepping over sprawled boys 🙂

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