Poor little Anton has had the most traumatic moment in his little life so far and it was all my fault.   He has a teddy that we warm up in the microwave which is filled with wheat and lavender or some such like, so that it acts like a cuddly hot water bottle.  Of course we usually do it together but tonight as I was trying to get the kids in to bed he walked downstairs saying “Daddy, Daddy” or so I thought.   I was calling down saying “Daddy’s up here, come on up and read your stories,” but of course he was saying “Teddy,” and he managed to put his teddy in the microwave, and switch it on for too long (and the turntable must have stuck in one position) so that he opened the microwave to find teddys head was just a big black crater with smoke billowing out of it.    It was quite a gruesome sight, not to mention the awful smell that will take quite some getting rid of.

He did quieten down and has gone to sleep clutching the identical bear that I had bought for the baby (so they would all have one).  He kept repeating after me “OK now, OK now.”  Poor little soul.  And all my fault.  And I keep thinking about how much worse it could have been.  Arrggh!  MUST TURN MICROWAVE OFF AT WALL.   The daft thing is we only use the microwave for popcorn and teddies (so all the teddies smell of popcorn instead of the lavender they are supposed to smell of) as I’m still not sure I trust the things.   Anton never will be now either.

Any ideas for getting rid of awful smells anyone?  I am a little worried about how toxic it smells and how that can’t be good for our household of  pregnant women, little people and asthma sufferers.



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4 responses to “Overheating

  1. Yikes! Hope the smell has gone by now?

    I still remember waking up in the night and finding that my favourite teddy’s head had come off, and there was stuffing coming out of his neck, in some bizarre bloodless gore scene. (My grandad fixed it.) Think I was about 8. Hope Anton is ok today.

  2. lindsay349

    Yes, he seems OK although he kept saying his mouth was sore today when he ate grapes. I’m wondering if that’s an effect of smoke inhalation although I can’t find it on Google.

    The smell has gone from the house although I haven’t dared open the microwave door yet!!

  3. Oh no! So good you had a similar Teddy!

  4. Goodness me ((((hugs))))
    Glad all was ok – I hope the mouth soreness goes soon.


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