Out of sorts, and out of wheels

Lucas has been going great guns on his dragon lapbook.  He’s done all sorts on it and it really suits his style of working.  I’m not sure it’s suiting Oscar so well. Either that or I can’t decide whether it’s something I should be helping him stick with.  He’s very difficult to help though as he wants to do it all himself but often comes out with things that are too ambitious to finish or just don’t “fit”.  He gets more “done” when we do more standard “tasks” like his Conquer Maths worksheets, or handwriting, or a letter etc but I’d love to enable him to explore things more.   Maybe I’m going about it in the wrong way.   I find myself questioning my approach with him all the time at the moment.  I’ve ordered him a chemistry set as I think that could be really up his street and I’m hoping he can get on with most of it without me, which is why I haven’t got one before now, as the combination of me trying to work it out with him while keeping Anton away doesn’t sound like a recipe for success.  Joth may have a bit more time here and there after this weeks demo too.

Anton has been a bit out of sorts the last couple of days.  This cold of his seems to have been going on forever.   I didn’t give him as much attention as usual yesterday which may have triggered his grumpiness, as I do notice if he isn’t listened to enough he very quickly gets in to the habit of shouting for things straight away or ignoring our requests: like “Not on the floor,” or “Oscar’s turn then Anton’s.”   He’s usually so good tempered and compliant but it does make you realise how dependant that is on others being reasonable and responsive.  No surprise there of course, we’re all the same.  The boys had friends round this afternoon so Anton and I were pottering and chatting together so I think he’s calmed down again now.  It could all be the result of his cold anyway, but motherly guilt always steps in first of course.

He enjoyed his trip to piano yesterday morning even more than usual because we all had to go by taxi.  The van we bought not so long ago, the newest car we’ve ever had (2002) has gone wrong AGAIN! and this time it’s the alternator which could be costly apparently.  Feeding it £750 two weeks ago simply wasn’t enough for it.

Typically, the van would go wrong just after we have taken the reliable, trustworthy old Rover that dad gave us off the road because it won’t fit us in, once the baby is here, as it doesn’t have enough proper seatbelts.  We’re going to try going back to one car as I won’t have so much work on for a few months although it could be tricky if Joth is following me around so I can feed the baby when I am working as they can be long days (and evenings).  Still, we’ll see how it goes.  Someone is picking the Rover up today from Freecycle.  In fact I’ve just had a freaky moment over that as I thought I’d look up his name on Google to see if he was a scrap dealer (I’d rather give it to an individual who just needs a car) and someone of his name in Devon was convicted of a brutal murder on this very day, Valentines day, two years ago.  Hmmm.  The only other chap with the same name from Totnes died in 1861 so that wouldn’t be so good either if he showed up.

Still, we’ve had a nice time over the last few of days.  On Friday, the boys were playing with R and A again (yes again!) and Anton and I spent the afternoon at Katina’s where her kids were dying to play with Anton.   P is 8 and had a friend over so they marched him off upstairs and dressed him up in a pink hat and got all their cuddly toys out for him.  E is 19 and took him out on the trampoline.  He had such a whale of a time.  I often think that toddlers get far more out of playing with older children than they do playing with children their own age.  At toddler group Anton enjoys himself but he does play in a more defensive way.  Other toddlers are unnerving – you don’t know what they are going to do next.

I had 5 boys round for a Pachalbel Canon rehearsal on Friday night which went really well.  They all rose to the challenge and I’m hoping they’ll really use the next three weeks to polish it before the concert.  It’s just a coincidence that they are all boys (I said they should think of a name as a boy band and we can do some busking in the summer as Pachalbel would certainly go down well) but I think it’s rather nice as so many string groups are more girl heavy.

Tonight we had a family TV night and shared chocolate cake.  Joth is working so hard in preparation for the demo in Wales on Wednesday that he started work at 5.30am and finished at 10pm.  He has eaten today but that’s about it for stepping outside his study.  Having said that, he says he”s had a productive day.  We’re going to have a family day off together after the demo.  The boys want to visit Looe again for fish and chips on the harbour wall.  I want to do a couple of special family things before the baby arrives.


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One response to “Out of sorts, and out of wheels

  1. I did giggle at your “google research” – dead people and murderers – how interesting lol.

    Callum finds other young children scary – he just sits and watches them, then moves away if they come near. Once he knows them, he settles down fine, but they are scary things aren’t they? Always running around and making lots of noise whilst trying to take your favourite toy off you.

    I hope the van isn’t too costly this time around…

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