Saving Grace

Things that happened today (MONDAY):

  • I got cross with Oscar for tipping paper mache down the sink BUT he’d just had a good time starting his Warhammer scenery board. Lucas made a turtle out of cardboard for his new project (coral reef apparently).
  • The kids felt like some pudding tonight and I couldn’t find any BUT Oscar went ahead and found his own recipe on the internet (it has to be his own!) and made fabulous Banana Chocolate Brownies with no help from me in less time than it took for me to cook the rest of supper.  (I think I should try “not finding” any supper at all tomorrow.)
  • Another day of getting very strong Braxton Hicks contractions BUT I presume this will help all to go smoothly when the time comes?  (K reminded me about how after pains get worse with each one which I had forgotten about – how did I forget that?!)
  • I lost my phone then found I had left it at a friends over the weekend and missed an important offer of a gig BUT (tricky one this)..  at least I found the phone? (Still bothered about the gig – it’s really not done not to phone back straight away).
  • Anton didn’t go to sleep until midnight (arrrghh!) so he was later to bed than Joth was BUT it was because he’d had a long afternoon nap so I got lots done and then he had a great play with P and E (Katinas children – E wants to be a nanny).  I even left him there for 15 mins to nip out to hire the car.  I’ve never left him with anyone other than family before but he was having such a whale of a time he was absolutely fine with it when I asked him.
  • I ate ice cream straight from the tub behind the door BUT….  BUT…. I used a small spoon…?

(with P and E)


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