Lucas’s book 1 piano recital

Today was Lucas’s book 1 piano recital.  For those not in the Suzuki know how, the idea is that he plays the whole book (17 pieces in this case) from memory as a performance.  The teachers just judges when the pupil is ready to do it, when they are at a suitable standard and so there is no pass or fail on the day just a lovely sense of occasion and performance.  He did really well.  I loved seeing the pride he took in it which he pretends to shrug off but he grows just that bit bigger for doing it.

Joth was away doing his demo in Wales today and it seemed to take me most of the day to get the house ready and make a celebratory tea.  Lucas made a scrumptious chocolate fudge cake and Oscar made homemade lemonade (which he made in to pink lemonade with rasperries in!)  while I made popcorn and fruit salad.  I did soup for the grown ups.  We were a bit limited by what we had in as the car is still out of action.  Jill (his teacher) had brought her two little children and her sister too who was just as lovely as Jill is and Katina came with P.  It was a lovely atmosphere at tea and Oscar and Lucas were really bubbly which is great as they’re often quite quiet in their lessons.

Oscar had also spent most of the day playing Pachalbels Canon thanks to a video that I had played to my pupils before the last rehearsal.  It was a Baroque performance which I thought they’d find interesting.  Oscar did.  He’d hardly let me finish me explaining about how they hold the bow differently, without a shoulder rest or chin rest and play at a faster tempo before he was ripping off his shoulder rest to have a go.  He spent about 3 hours today becoming the worlds best Baroque player (in his mind) and undoing all the decent sound production and vibrato he had been doing recently (in my mind).  I didn’t interfere though as his enthusiasm is lovely.

So it all felt worth it but it had been quite an exhausting day somehow.  I’ve been trying to give lots of attention to Anton today too as he seems to still be spending a lot of time feeling cross at the moment which is very unlike the him we’ve known until now.  I don’t know if the fact that he still hasn’t managed to shake off this snotty cold we’ve all had (I still have it too) accounts for it, or whether he’s not having enough sleep, or enough attention, or whether he’s just going through a more frustrated stage…  Oh, the mind boggles and the guilt bubbles up.  I shall just carry on trying to give him as much attention as possible tomorrow and see if I can calm him down.


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