The Workshop

Thanks to Joth’s mother, who gifted us a hire car for the day, we managed to get to the Lego Robotics workshop today in North Cornwall.  It was quite a mammoth expedition what with hiring the car, leaving early, packed lunches for 4 of us and entertaining Anton there from 9.30-3 but I was pleased to see that it looked like a well organised and well equipped event.

The boys seemed to have had a good time and said they came 3rd in some competition at the end out of 8 teams so they were chuffed with that.  I was pleased they had put them together.  Oscar told me though that a man had made Lucas cry by saying “Apple.. what?” when Lucas had forgotten to say “Apple please” when asked which juice he would like, and had gone on to say “In my family we have manners,” in a very snotty manner.  Well!  Lucas would have been upset enough to have forgotten to say please (he said he would have said “Thank you” afterwards – he is usually very polite anyway but he is also sometimes shy – wanting to say as few words as possible) but he would have been absolutely gutted to be humiliated like that, as would anyone.  It makes me cross that a day of a fun, paid for workshop should be marred for him like that.  He threw it off so I didn’t harp on it at the time but I let him know that I thought it was the man who didn’t have manners, not Lucas.  Grrrrr.   Oscar said that he thinks he should only say please and thank you when he feels grateful (which thankfully for uptight mummies, he does seem to feel often enough!)  We do say it an awful lot in this country, which I do quite like, but it is what you get used to.  It can lose it’s meaning.

Gosh, I seem to be moaning a lot about how people treat my children at the moment.  Still, I’m no harder on them than I am on myself.  Anyway, I was really pleased that the actual workshop seemed to be what we’d hoped it would be.  Anton had a good day too as I took him back to Plymouth (in and out of Cornwall twice in one day) to a frantically busy soft play area.  I forget just how manic these places can be but he had a great time and then we had a nice picnic back in Cornwall again and a play and a read before collecting the boys.

Back home for pancakes (Pancake Day!) and then an evening of polishing up the documents Joth is taking with him tomorrow for the demo.  He’s been very calm and prepared over the last few days but there always seems to be things to do at the last minute.  He’s very nervous indeed and didn’t really even eat tonight.  Cross your fingers tomorrow afternoon!


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