Going even greener (or just plain mouldy)

I read this post a little while ago and I have been meaning to do an analysis of how green we feel we are at the moment.  This won’t be that moment yet but I thought you might like to hear about Joth’s new way of being green.  Now usually I accuse Joth being more “mean” than “green” in his motivation as he switches off my lights but leaves his computers on, but I think no one else will be able to beat him on this one.

Before you all get to know about his latest tip, I should first explain that one of the regular little loving tiffs we have in the house is over washing.   Joth likes to feel he’s contributing to the housework by folding washing but he folds the clothes in to random piles rather than in piles belonging to each person and then that’s as far as they seem to get and just sit there to fester.  Is this a problem?  YES!  For some reason I find these random piles so irritating that I can’t bring myself to deal with them.  I’m sure a bigger person than me would just get on with it anyway.   Yesterday while he was away I decided to be that bigger person and sorted them out.  I found that they were still dirty!  Yes, not only that but some had already been put in to drawers and the boys had happily worn muddy trousers, smelly socks and used already snotty hankies!!  Arrggh!  And it gets worse – I found a vest of Antons that had got so much food on it that it had actually gone mouldy, and …  no I won’t go on.

Actually, I think it is less a sign of how green Joth’s been, and more a sign of how distracted he has been leading up to this demo he did yesterday in Wales.   He really has worked all hours of day and night but luckily it seems to have gone really well and he has already had good email correspondence with them this morning too.  He seems in a different world today although he has been with us as he’s taken the day off work but his spirit is elsewhere.  I’m not surprised.  It’s a big load he carries.   It sometimes surprises me how separate it makes us feel when we have such completely different and all consuming roles without the time to communicate.

Still we do know how to celebrate together.   We went in to town today on Bob the bus (Luc had an appointment with a kineseologist) and met up together for a hot chocolate.  We even had one each – unheard of!  Then we’ve come back with the ingredients that Oscar needed to create Italian meatballs for tea which he is just finishing off as I write.  I find this new enthusiasm for cooking such a treat for us all.  He sorts everything out, from finding the recipe and the implements to working the gadgets and taking charge of his ingredients.  I’m only called in occasionally if he gets really stuck.  It’s so exciting.   I’m so pleased that I am staying out of it totally and not even advising on which recipes to use (as they all come from Youtube which seems to serve him well as he can watch the videos but they are not necessarily the sort of recipes I would use but I’ve not said a word – hurray for me!)

Oscar so often typically displays this wonderful sort of initiative that I get frustrated when we are in a “quiet patch”.  I would like him to display his initiative on Wed, Thurs and Fri mornings as those are our sacred home ed together times (where I don’t answer the phone etc) and the only stipulation is that my time is theirs and we do “stuff”.   Timetabled initiative and creativity.  Hmmmm.

I remember thinking a while ago that they should each be helping to cook a meal every week or so and tried to set that up, and of course I was met with resistance.  I’m not sure where I had got the idea from that they “should” be cooking by a certain age but as usual if I had just waited, they seem to come to most things in their own time.  Lucas has been spurred on too and made a Banoffee Pie this morning which we will have for pudding.  Wonderful!  Anton has even done the washing up but that wasn’t quite so successful unless you count the fact that it made me wash the kitchen floor.

So this has come round to being a post to celebrate my lovely men.  Who needs clean clothes anyway!

Luc proudly serves his Banoffee Pie, Joth quaffs his wine and Oscar is stuffed full of meatballs and a glowing conscience!

Luc proudly serves his Banoffee Pie, Joth quaffs his celebratory wine and Oscar is stuffed full of his own meatballs and a glowing conscience!

Anton shows who really has the upper hand in our house.


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  1. We had banoffee pie made by Gwenny tonight 🙂 Very nice.

    Did laugh at the neatly-folded dirty clothes! C just puts the kids’ clothes away in each other’s drawers.

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