At the end of days like today I feel I must be doing something right, or at the very least I’m not always doing quite as much wrong as I often think.   My kids are happy, or at least they are doing a very good impression of happy kids.  I am listening to them screeching with laughter in the other room over some game with a tiny bouncy ball.

We’ve had a superb day today.  Joth finished a bit of work he needed to do this morning while the kids played or did practise and then we set off for a day out in Looe and arrived in time for a fish and chips lunch.  We had kids portions (I even had half a kids portion with Anton!) to try to keep the costs down but we ate in as there was a hail storm as soon as we arrived.

Still the weather cleared up quickly so we could wander around the little shops, including all the joke and toy shops that the boys like and Anton had had a lovely sleep on the way so he was full of the joys.   We bought some fudge and went on the beach for a bit and then meandered slowly back stopping off to use 50p each on the 2p gambling machines.  Anton loves the change machines best because if you put 2p in you can be always guaranteed to get it straight back.

I had given O and L £3 each as a present and they both chose the Lifeboat shop to spend it in.   L fell for a china eggcup and I challenged O to try to refrain from giving L his opinion about whether he should buy it or not and he managed it (which was very hard for Oscar who is much more restrained with his money!)  L just falls for things left, right and centre and never has any money left.   He’s just as generous with buying for other people though.  At Christmas he bought me a beautiful firestone necklace from the Steiner fair for £10 and didn’t have any money left for anything, or anyone else!  I’ve worn it almost every day since needless to say.  O and Anton bought cups with twirly straws in so everyone was happy.

It was all a wonderfully relaxed day and everyone was in a really lovely mood.   Joth bought me a lovely wall hanging to mark the occasion as he’s wanting to celebrate how positive it all was at the demo.

I love thinking that somewhere that was so special to me as a child (my grandparents lived there so we spent a lot of our holiday time with them and it was like a second home to us) will also be a special part of my children’s childhood.  We have fairly regular special outings there.

We’ve been needing a day like that for a while.  Just full of fun and no expectations – just seeing what happened.  Anton was also such lovely company today and I think perhaps he just likes to be out and about more than we have been recently what with our car being out of action.

Talking of the car – we took it away from the garage that said it needed a new alternator and did our research amongst friends and took it to someone who came highly recommended.  He said he can’t find anything wrong with the alternator at all!  If he’s right, that would have been about £400 that we would have paid for needlessly.   It makes us wonder about the other £750 worth of work they did too.  Anyway, the car was fine today on our long drive so it seems that he might be right.

Today finished with a lovely chicken casserole, which went down well with everyone, and a bath full of jelly!  I don’t feel this is the place to show the photos to prove it unfortunately but Lucas was given some special powder to turn a bath in to jelly and it really works!  There’s only about 6cm of it in the bath and Anton decided not to join the others but L and O had a whale of a time in it.

They were in a suitably silly mood afterwards so after Anton was asleep the rest of us played a suitably silly game of Snorta and ate more Banoffee Pie.

It’s funny how, even when I intend us to do lots of home ed things during half term (I’m working quite a bit next week so I thought we could do this week instead), half term seems to have its own feel and we often end up having more of a holiday feel about everything.


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