Busy Busy

There is always quite a sense of relief at the end of Tuesday.  I’m sure it’s nothing to most people who have these days every day but both Monday and Tuesday seem so jam packed.  From the minute I get up it starts: packed lunches, breakfast, practise with each of them (I’m down to one instrument each, two ended up being too much so we practise on Sat too to get 5 good practises in a week – should be 6 ideally I know) and getting them out in time for Acorns.

Mind you, I’m quite enjoying getting creative with their packed lunches at the moment as they have a log burner that they can heat things up on if they are wrapped in foil (it has an oven section at the top).  Cheese pittas and pizzas go down well but I’ve also sent in pasties and buckwheat pancakes with chocolate spread wrapped around a banana.   Any ideas gratefully received!

We lift share so I take them on a Tuesday and do the singing group with the little ones when I get there.   I took my violin in today, and a little violin for them to try and I let them choose secret Mr.Men cards and then I’d play and see if the others could guess which Mr Man I was playing (Mr Busy/Sad/Noisy etc) and then we sang the song, “If you’re grumpy and you know it…” etc with them making up really imaginative actions to all the different moods.  It was just a very happy, relaxed session.  Anton really liked it too and I can see it won’t be long before it makes more sense for us to join their craft activities afterwards rather than go back to toddler group.  Perhaps after the baby comes.

I got back in time for the midwife’s visit to the house.  I hadn’t met this one from the team yet and really liked her.  She still looks young to me though although she’d got her own young children.  I think I’m just not used to midwives being younger than me – I feel an urge to be mothered!   Anton started talking about the baby in my tummy after she’d gone.  Luc flung himself on me for a cuddle tonight and I laughed and said “Mind the baby” and then when Luc went to cuddle Anton, Anton said “Mind the baby!” pointing to his tummy too.  He was perfectly serious.

On Monday and Tuesdays afternoons I try to catch up with a bit of housework, washing and cooking (a bit of a tall order with Antons help, or while he’s napping) and I have to make sure supper is ready for Joth to be able to feed them with in between their swimming and drama clubs.   I teach from 4-8 while trying to ignore the sounds of Anton playing up or restraining myself from checking that Joth has remembered to give them their vegetables.   At 8 Joth goes back to work and I put them all to bed and grab some supper myself.

I must just mention Sunday though before I go and watch the programme on Maternity Wards that’s on tonight.   We had such a wonderful day.  I sometimes think we get better at being relaxed and being together (with Joth) after a few days of it –  There is an art to slotting in as a family.  We went to the zoo where we are members so we can see as little or as much as we want without feeling any pressure.   They were doing a Fairtrade event and the boys got competition sheets where they had to collect clues to make a sentence.  They had to follow the map of the zoo to do it which was good and Luc took a particular interest in planning a route.  He got so excited by the clues that he forgot to even look at the animals when we got there!  Anton loves all the animals though and trots around gazing at everything happily.  Oscar gave him lots of piggybacks which they both loved but the high point was the hysterics produced by Joth trying to put off the “competition” (the other kids wandering around with sheets) by making up random sentences to put them off the scent!  He had us all in stitches – mainly because he was so serious about it (did he mean it?!)

Anton went to sleep quite early after all his running around so we played a game of Atlantis which caused more merriment.  Games are such a lot of fun now the boys don’t really mind if they win or lose and Lucas wants to play games every night, he loves them so much.

Joth has had another good day today as the new orchestra have said they are putting forward his software to the main software team for them to evalutate it.  They seem to be very proactive about it so far but as ever nothing moves quickly and there’s lots to do.



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3 responses to “Busy Busy

  1. Is this Paignton Zoo? 🙂 We have a pass, but we’ve only been there once, so I don’t really recognize it :). That takes a while, for me ;))

    Hope you’ll be ok, these last days/weeks!!

    • lindsay349

      Hi, yes this is Paignton zoo. We love having a pass for it and just popping in. We’ll look out for you there! x

  2. Yes, would be really nice to meet with you and your family! Trying to catch up with your blog (get the posts in my email), but you’re writing a lot!! 😉

    Can’t wait for the news that the baby is there!

    Take care, these last days!!


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