Toddler time

On a lighter (and hopefully shorter) note compared to the last post, I’ve just spent about 2 hours today reading a Shirley Hughes collection to Anton.  He has been absolutely transfixed by it.  He loves his books anyway but this felt different.  He often likes to turn the pages himself, sometimes before I’m finished and talks a lot himself but this time he just sat staring transfixed by the pictures and I read very slowly and gently.  He couldn’t get enough of it.  I love Shirley Hughes too as I find the pictures just make me so aware of the magical nature of toddlerhood.

He loved his baby swimming today again.  One of the other mothers was commenting on how calm he is afterwards.  I just wrap him in his towel and sit him on the bench while I get changed while the other mother is trying to get her child to stay still enough to change him.  I just think that they are all different but it did occur to me that while all my kids are very different, they were all calm in that way and have all been responsive and “obedient” if you like as toddlers.  Now is this because of my parenting or a common trait?  Incidentally, I’m not meaning it is good or bad, just interesting.

Will the next one break the mould I wonder?  Talking of him, he’s been in a very strange position today and it’s been much more uncomfortable than usual.  If only I could tell as the midwives can by feeling, which is his head and which is his bottom.  I’m so keen that he is in the optimal fetal position as it made such a difference with Antons birth compared to the other two.  The last midwife said he was not back to back thoughbut lying more to the right than the left.


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