Going in the right direction

I’ve even started making lists which is much more like “me” again.  Joth has had one of his “This is the New Me” days which he is rather prone to but I’m not complaining as the result is a spring cleaned bedroom with an extra bed set up in it.  There was a whole vacuum cleaners worth of dust in there which is more than a little shocking.  He also tells me that the physical work was a welcome occasional break from programming and that he’s had a productive day all round and is feeling pleased to be getting ready for the baby.  I’m feeling like we’re in this together again so we’re going in the right direction and I’m feeling a little foolish for even thinking that it would be better to keep it all to myself.  There are still the underlying worries about whether all will be well but I hope I will feel more positive about that as I am daring to get ready for the baby.

Anton and I enjoyed toddler group this morning and the boys said they had a good day at Acorns.  Lucas seems to be feeling really affectionate at the moment and is cuddling me at every opportunity.  They don’t feel like needy cuddles, just loving ones.  I’m wondering if perhaps he is enjoying the fact that there is even more of me to cuddle these days or perhaps he is thinking ahead to the baby coming.  He really is such a lovely boy.  He just constantly amazes me.

Oscar has been busy working on his blog this evening.  He read something about people making money from their blogs and that was enough said for Oscar.  I will link to it when he’s  sorted it out.  It’s going to be about Warhammer Space Wolves apparently (just so that you know just what you are waiting for).

Anton and the boys were so pleased to see each other tonight.  The boys had bought him a shiny balloon back as a present and there was much Eeyore-ish excitement.  He makes us all laugh so much.



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2 responses to “Going in the right direction

  1. Sounds happier 🙂

    What’s Acorns? Is it an HE group or something else?

  2. lindsay349

    Hi Alison,
    Acorns is a two day a week group for home educated kids with a teacher who used to teach in an alternative local school. There are 11 kids aged between 7-14.

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