Start as you mean to go on

Very few people feel that they can’t cope with helping their children learn before the magic age of five so I’ve never been sure why it suddenly changes then.  For me it was partly the realisation that teachers didn’t work magic and also finding that I missed the steady path of learning that we’d been enjoying together that made me take the plunge and take my eldest out of school.  I do find it interesting when people say to me that they don’t feel “qualified” to help their children (surely they went to school?..!) and yet I also hear an equal number of people say that they feel they couldn’t teach their own children something that they are qualified in.

I don’t know yet how I would facilitate GCSE Astronomy or car maintenance should that be required but I do have the confidence now to think that I can grow with them and take each stage at a time to find a way.  The biggest eye opener for me in all of home ed has been seeing how much kids learn anyway as they grow and to think that I would have given the school all the credit for that!

Today was a very good example of how lovely it is to see children following their own interests.  Apart from lots of Warhammer model making and some surreptitious fimo modelling from Lucas (brought on by a mention of Mother’s Day on the radio), Oscar and Lucas also decided to do a spelling fest which involved some beautiful italic writing, and then even after doing their practise they chose to keep going back to play more music.  It was even a good “getting stuff done” day for me too as Anton became very engrossed in his play dough.  It was easy to amalgamate the two as while I was busy ordering new Kung Fu shoes for the boys (ouch!) Anton was taking an imprint of my credit card.

It will be interesting to see how that interest develops as he grows older.   Bless.


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