Wisdom and unrelated teeth

I am having problems with my wisdom teeth.  That is unrelated to this post until I thought of the title.  The dentist will have a field day when I have stopped being pregnant or breastfeeding so I feel I can face the barrage of injections.

Anton has been coming out with all sorts of two year old wisdom today.  He follows every insight with “I fink (think)”, said in a very endearing questioning way.  I can’t think of any insights now I’ve said that but he was bothered that I couldn’t push him faster on the swing, only higher, which was clearly not what was needed.  He has also found out how to open the catch on the loo outside the midwifes room, which was something he couldn’t do last time we visited.  Progress indeed.  If only I hadn’t been trying to wee in to a test tube at the time, which is already hard enough when you can’t see lower than your belly button without trying to reach the door too.

I was much cheered to find out however that baby is in “perfect” position as he seemed to do a lot of wriggling a while ago and I don’t want to go back to posterior births now that I have experienced that there is another way.  I was a little shocked to find that he happens to be 1/5th engaged (as in she can only feel 1/5th of babies head as the rest in engaged) although that doesn’t necessarily mean it is imminent apparently.  I still have work I could really do with being able to do on Tues and Wed and my Great Aunts funeral in Sussex on the Thursday who specifically requested a piece she wanted me to play so I just can’t give birth for a week (she says with determination.)

Joth is going to accompany me so we have been practising together in preparation and it’s been lovely.  In fact Joth and I have been having lots of togetherness moments – bonding over the vaccuming and the tidying.  He’s been such a star.  Things have been moved to dust behind which I thought would never see the light of day.  He has even started telling me which vacuum attachments he finds the most exciting.  I like to think that he also seems less stressed in a funny sort of way but I think that is more connected with the fact that the orchestra have got round to properly using his software which he says was worrying him at the back of his mind.  Perhaps by sharing the housework with him I have brought us closer as there is no doubt that it’s a way to my heart at the moment but I don’t know if he’d agree.

Anton and I had a lovely little time at the swings after the midwives.  I do so enjoy any time with just the one of them and of course at the moment it feels particularly poignant with Anton as he doesn’t yet know how it will feel to have another little one in tow.  He is such fun to be with.  I did want to note though that he has come out with a couple of red chapped patches under his mouth.  My heart is sinking as I think they may be some sort of eczema (I struggled so hard with Lucas’ eczema that I’m worried this is just the start).  Anyway, I’m recording it here in case anyone can give me any pointers and also so I can look back and tell myself that it started before the baby so I don’t trick myself in to thinking they are some sort of stress related reaction to little “baby bugger” (as it still unfortunately sounds like when he talks of his baby brother.)



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2 responses to “Wisdom and unrelated teeth

  1. It’s been more than a week now, since you last posted something. Is he there?!?! 😀

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