Our weekend

Ooooo, we’ve just sold some things on ebay – mostly for the boys.  They’re going to be chuffed at how much they got, although I’m bothered that the buyer of Oscars PS2 (he’s saving for an Xbox) has zero feedback.  They’re also both saving up to buy rats and have managed to buy the cage with the money family sent for Oscar passing his 11+ (thanks folks, do you realise what you’ve got us in to?!!)  Oscar actually keeps asking if I’ll help out even more with the buying of things (I’m buying the rats themselves and the food so far) and he doesn’t realise that every time he asks me it seems to be just as I’m at the point of thinking that I will give them more towards it all and then his asking makes me realise that he’s expecting me to so my resolve hardens!  He hasn’t got the hang of this at all –  it’s no fun giving when you think someone just thinks they’ve been clever to wheddle it out of you!

Anyway, we’ve had a good weekend.  Yesterday was busy with piano first thing then a shadow puppet production at Dartington and a workshop afterwards.  I wasn’t intending to take Anton but as usual I always feel Joth should be working so I did take him and he was fantastic.  I thought the production was lovely but it was quite slow moving for such little ones (9+ was the recommended age) and we just watched the small screen and listened to the live music while they read 1 1/2 hr of the Phillip Pullman story “Clockwork” to go along with it so Anton did extremely well.  The secret was a cucumber!  He ate the whole thing!  He also nodded off towards the end.

The boys seemed to enjoy it, particularly Lucas but it was extremely hot in there and Oscar was wilting.  I thought there was some really beautiful artwork.  I think I’ll try and get hold of some of Jan Pienkowski to follow it up.  The workshop was good although there wasn’t enough equipment so it was frustrating having to wait for things.  I always find it interesting seeing how the boys work at things.  The leaders had made suggestions of people, animals or trees to make Victorian shadow puppets out of but I can immediately see Oscar thinking of how to make his different so he went for an alien.  Very Victorian!  Lucas made a little lizard but I can tell he wasn’t that pleased with it at the end.  Anton wanted a horse and we managed to cobble one together.  The leaders were really good at helping him get involved.

I was really tired when we got back but was quite chuffed with myself as I still managed to cook a Banoffee pie with Luc and a chicken curry for us all.  We also carried on to have a great family games night where we played Wii bowling (with someone helping Anton) and then Family Fortunes DVD quiz.  Joth and I fell out over what I call his “snobby” comments regarding “What the sort of people they ask would say,” which the boys found hilarious.   I illustrated my point by answering the question, “Name something that can turn around,” with the answer, “An owls head,” which lost Lucas and I the game of course.


Lucas got up saying “Today is going to be a good day.  We’ve got pain au chocolat, we’re seeing R & A, we’re going out for a family afternoon and we’ve got half a banoffee pie left.”  Yep, ’tis true – life doesn’t get much better.

I even managed to make great inroads on tidying the house while the R&A were round playing with O and L and did lots of playing with Anton too in between his pottering which involved lots of setting up of his horses, painting with water, cutting up train pictures and sticking them in his scrap book and sorting out some of his “bags.”  Anton is in a real bag phase where he always wants to take a bag of “things” with him either around the house, or out and about.  The bigger the better too and he will fill shopping bags by emptying out my carefully segregated boxes of toys and jigsaws, or books and even my things, toiletries or clothes.  If we lose something, the first place to look is in Anton’s various bags.

We went to Living Coasts this afternoon (we’ve taken combined membership of this and the zoo this year and are making really good use of it so far).  It’s always lovely on a sunny day, as this one was, as it looks over the whole of the bay at Torquay.   We had a lovely time and I was thinking how well it works with the boys taking such delight in Anton enjoying everything.  It makes it all such fun.  They ended up painting a couple of figures which Luc was keen to do but Oscar wasn’t that bothered so he said he’d help Anton.  He found it just as difficult as I used to to keep out of painting it as he wanted to!  Luckily Anton was going along with whatever this time.

We came back for the rest of the curry and banoffee pie for tea and I realised Anton had been cheerful all afternoon despite having had no lunch at all (he slept through it and I forgot to give him any afterwards like the terrible mother I am!)  I managed to persuade the kids to put their clean clothes away and tidy their rooms (Oscar under duress despite a week’s build up to it).  I always ask Oscar if he would rather I leave him to sort his room out whenever he wants or whether he wants my help and we do it together and he always goes for the latter but then makes such a massive deal out of it every time.   Arrrggh!  Still, we managed to recover and had a good game of Wii Boxing, Golf and Tennis all together.  I’m feeling much better that the house is largely tidy now.  I’ve been having quite strong Braxton Hicks contractions this evening but I think it’s probably just the exertion…  Probably…


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