D day

Today was D-day, or at least due day – and it’s come and gone without any more signs of labour than any other day.  Not that I’m in a particular rush but I have at least now got to the stage where I feel that it’s something that might actually happen.  I do have plans for what I’d like to do tomorrow to feel even more ready but I think I could imagine doing that every day for the next few months before I’d feel completely ready.

So today went on as usual for me today, unlike it did for my brothers girlfriend whose due date is in two and a half weeks and whose waters broke today.  They are talking about induction tomorrow because of the slight increased risk of infection so she is obviously hoping to go in to labour tonight.   I had my brother rushing out to get the homeopathic remedy that worked for me with Luc and Anton.  It would be wonderful if it does the trick for her too.  It’s so exciting to think of a new little niece or nephew arriving so soon.

I just took the boys to their piano lesson this morning which was lovely as usual.  She really is a wonderful teacher and she even gave Anton his special few minutes of lesson which he so loves.  He’s so proud sitting there on the stool and then doing his bow.    I then dashed off to baby swimming with Anton which is the highlight of his little week.   We nearly didn’t make it though as I found it almost impossible to get out of the car in the car park!  Our van is pretty wide anyway and coupled with the stingy spaces in the car park I was getting very frustrated indeed trying to squeeze my bump in between the wing mirrors!  It was most undignified in the end.

We braved Trago Mills in the afternoon and Joth came as we were buying a mattress and all sorts of bits and pieces and Trago make life very difficult by not allowing trolleys.  Joth has been rather stressed this week as the orchestra are putting in an enormous amount of data in to his new programme and two error messages came in while we were out so we hurried back and he got straight back to it.  So far though, all seems to be able to be put right pretty quickly and their proposed changes and requests accommodated which seems impressive to me.  I hope they think so.

I took the boys to Wushu tonight and it was nice to see what they’re doing as I haven’t taken them myself for ages.  Lucas is due to grade next week so I hope to get more video footage then.  Oscar will be doing a competition in London in May too so there’ll be lots of preparation for that coming up.

I missed a drink with the girls on Tuesday because he had to work until very late but I managed to get out for a drink with Jane tonight because I put Anton down before I went and the older boys just sorted themselves out so Joth worked until 11pm. It’s one of the lovely things about still feeding Anton last thing as he is so quick to get to sleep and it’s so peaceful.  It amazes me how well they just fit in to the nook of your arm.

Anton was unusually fractious tonight and I’m hoping it’s just that he was exhausted.  There is a nasty sickness bug going round that I am hoping doesn’t visit us.  Lucas threw up in the night the other night, just the once, all over the extra bed in our room, and then seemed completely fine in the morning so I’m not sure what that was about.  No one else has been ill, yet.

That makes me realise I haven’t blogged for a few days.  I would like to say that it is because I have been nesting (which sounds like such a peaceful word but it never feels peaceful to me, this last minute panic of how will I ever do anything that needs getting done ever again…) but it’s because I have been playing Tetris.  Yes, honesty is a cleansing thing.  I am fighting another urge to play again having just written the word.  However, it did have a lovely side effect today in that Oscar got all affectionate with me as we bonded over it.  The boys were challenging me online and they know real enjoyment from me when they see it.  I should bond with them over things like this more often as I do enjoy computer games, I just don’t have time for them (or know that once I start…)

Oscar and I have had a few bonding moments this week though.  We had a good chat with his friend S in the front of the van on the way to Harberton about reincarnation and heaven and general what might it be like after we die.  They were both coming up with interesting theories of their own.  S was talking about how he thinks we learn from each life we have and Oscar said “So the world will get better all the time then?”  Now there’s a nice thought to hold on to.

I was just thinking of all these lovely spontaneous moments that I will miss when he goes to school.  There is nothing like a change to make you appreciate exactly what you have.  I love our home ed life and I know there will be huge resentments and adjustments that will go with school.  I can’t imagine it at all.  More on this to come….

Oscar has also done some really fantastic violin practise this week and we’ve worked really well together.  He’s really good at sticking with it and putting his mind to it sometimes in a way that I feel will be useful in other things he does too.  Oscar did also want to ask me about how many women die in childbirth these days (which was an unanticipated side effect of the history programme we watched the other night).  He seemed reassured so I hope he’s not dwelling on anything secretly.  Lucas is still being incredible affectionate and wanting to cuddle me at every opportunity.  He’s had some lovely cuddles with Anton too and was describing how lovely a cuddle from Anton can be, as cuddles from two year olds are so completely genuine – never given for any other reason other than they want one and they want you.

As far as Tetris goes though, I do know avoidance tactics too when I feel them though, and can appreciate that this splurge is a side effect of trying to get my head around the fact that a new little person will be joining us.  Why can’t I really believe it will happen?  I think one part of it is not wanting to count my chickens…

I must go and count some sheep however and get my four pillows ready for my night-time manoeuvres as Joth wants to start work at 5am and I will have to get up early if Anton wakes so will miss my usual lie in.  Hmmph.  Just time for one more game?


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  1. I hope the baby will be there soon! :).. Were you ‘late’ with the other boys?

    I’m sure the next post will be about the baby 😉

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