A New Arrival – not mine!!

Well my D-day that wasn’t, turned out to be the start of my brother’s little lad’s entrance in to the world! He was born yesterday (27th March) in the early hours of the morning, weighing 7lbs and 1oz. So WELCOME TO THE WORLD little one – we can’t wait to get to know you. I’ve seen a gorgeous little video of him and he’s just calming looking round taking everything in. He has a beautiful shaped head and what looks like quite a lot of dark hair. I got all emotional looking at the video but not emotional enough obviously – labour still hasn’t started for me.

His poor mum has really been through the mill though.  She had to be induced because her waters broke at 37 1/2 weeks but it seems that although she eventually got to 9cm dilated no one had thought to check the position of the baby and they only then found out it was breech.   She was given a Casearean.  I can’t quite believe that they didn’t check before they induced her. 

That was something else that made me feel all emotional watching the video – seeing that bond between mother and baby that kicks in even after going through hell and back. Beautiful.   The baby is bordeline jaundice at the moment and they are already saying that he’s not feeding enough so they want to put him on formula.  I phoned Bristol doulas and found someone who went in to the hospital and helped them through the best feed they’ve had.  I know midwifes don’t always have the time but it seems they’ve had far more of the sort who’ve said “he should have formula” than the sort who’ve helped establish feeding.  Grrrr!

I’ve been thinking of them both so much throughout the last few days that I even dreamt about them and ending up pacing around half the night on Thursday thinking I was in labour when she was about ot be induced! I think they were just sympathetic contractions though as they’ve completely subsided – how daft! I have suddenly reached the point where I am ready now (having thought I wouldn’t reach that point this time) and we all can’t wait until the little one joins us now. Having said that, Lucas has had a cold for the last couple of days and his breathing has deteriorated this evening so we’re on tenterhooks now wondering if we’ll end up in the hospital. There am I trying to keep out of hospital by having the baby at home and he might end up there instead.  Gosh I do hope not. The last two colds haven’t had this effect on him so I’m feeling bad that I didn’t keep a closer eye on him today but thought he’d be OK because he wasn’t doing anything strenuous, he was playing Warhammer at R and A’s this morning, and then at a Suzuki multi piano rehearsal and concert this afternoon.

Incidentally, I thought the concert was great with 37 children aged between 5-17 all taking part from beginners to those who are studying music at Cheethams.


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  1. Congratulations!! 😀

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