On the way up

Today has been the first day that has felt “normal” since the baby’s arrival.  I don’t find it easy to be less hands on than usual so it was good to really feel that I was able to do more today.  Perhaps it’s something I need to learn how to do but when I’m hands off with the older boys (particularly Oscar) things don’t seem to go right somehow.  They tried to have some time away from the Xbox yesterday but seemed to be completely at sea when trying to find anything else to do so today we went around the house together and made a list of all the things they wanted to do that didn’t involve a screen of some sort of other.  They made a massive list each and while they were doing it they also got stuck in to books that they found.  Oscar was trying to find a world record that he could beat in the Guinness Book of Records.

Then they started on one of the first things they wanted to do which was cooking, and with the baby in the sling I managed to calmly supervise Lucas (and Anton – which Lucas negotiated beautifully) making Banoffee pie and Oscar making banana cake.   I did find Oscar tipping yellow food colouring in to the cake instead of vanilla essence and he said that he’d got the wrong bottle by mistake but then he let it slip that he’d really been looking for green food colouring because he wanted to make the cake look mouldy!   He never just does things in a straightforward manner!

I was so chuffed though that we’d had such a “normal” fun morning without needing any help from Joth so he could get some work done.  He’s actually been doing some work each day since Monday.  Joth did lunch and then I did violin practise with both boys as we have to make a proper start again on preparing for Lucas’ Book 2 recital in a week or so and Oscars grade 5 next term.  Then I managed to make quite a good job of tidying the house for Grandad’s arrival and Anton had a bit of a sleep so we were all ready.

We were all in good spirits when Grandad arrived and there was much merriment at tea and afterwards.

Anton didn’t  eat any tea once again but he’s developed quite a cough and a slightly upset stomach so I have realised that he has been under the weather for the last few days and that his loss of appetite and waking up at night is more likely to be due to illness than baby blues.  He and I have had some lovely times over the last couple of days and yesterday we went round to Katinas (I stayed to chat to K) and he had a whale of a time with Phoenix and I had a lovely chat with K.  She really is a very special friend.  I had been feeling really bothered about Anton and she was so understanding.  I was telling her how I just don’t feel I prepared Anton properly and how seeing him so thrown was made so much worse because it is me that brought it on.  It’s been such a relief to see him adapt over these few days and see that he was under the weather and getting better now.

We gave Dante his first bath last night, a week after he was born.


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  1. Oh dear, I am so late with this congratulations malarky!
    Huge congratulations on the new arrival, welcome to the world dear Dante, I hope you find a life long supply of love, happiness, good health, and wealth. I hope your days are filled with smiles and laughter, and just know that you will be surrounded by comfort and security within your wonderful family unit.

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