Strange Day

The whole day has been an odd one.  I’ve felt quite ill today – headachy, shivery and achy, but no actual temperature.   I’m wondering whether I have got what Anton had (which would certainly explain why he was struggling and why he’s been an absolute treasure now he’s over it) or whether it is a touch of mastitus.  Typically, while Dante slept most of yesterday, today he hasn’t slept for longer than an hour all day and has wanted to be walked around a lot.  Joth got some work done this morning but then did lunch, took the other 3 boys out to Staverton again (we went yesterday and they loved it so much they wanted to go again as they’ve got a new multi person swing in the playground area and the two of them just swing in it for hours chatting away) and then made tea.  In other words, he’s been a star.  He still managed to get the work done that he needed to do for tomorrow too.

We took most of these photos because a little blue hat came in the post for Dante and Anton loved it.  It wouldn’t fit on Anton so he found himself a different blue hat and wanted the baby to wear the other one.  It was a lovely moment!



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3 responses to “Strange Day

  1. Gorgeous photos – hope you feel better very soon xx

  2. How are you doing Lins? Hope it didn’t turn into mastitis.

    • lindsay349

      It’s very strange as I was better the next day but then I’ve just been ill again today. Bother! Thanks for asking. x

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