No rhyme or reason

Some days seem to work and others don’t.  Yesterday didn’t because I was ill and I seem to find it all too easy at the moment to think that nothing’s going to go right ever again.  And then today was great.   I made a monster mask with Anton first thing and did some printing with him too.  And then I did violin and piano practise with both of the older boys and Oscar cooked a tomato pasta sauce for lunch (totally unprompted and from memory too).  Lots of listening to Lemony Snicket was going on too.

Joth is taking a few hours out each day at the moment so we all went out to Paignton to give Anton the chance to ride on a donkey.   He has been obsessed with horses for so long now.  We also went on the beach, had an ice cream and had 50p each in 2ps in the arcade.   It was a really lovely day – the sun shone and everyone was in great spirits.  The boys got rather wetter than intended (as usual) and Luc got rather frustrated with trying to do the clean and dry bit with his sandy feet on the beach.  Oscar and I were taking bets as to whether he would settle for clean and wet, or dry and dirty but in the end he was wet and dirty as his wellies fell over in the sea as he was trying to wash them too.   It was very funny at the time (but I think you probably had to be there.)

We came back so Joth could finish off work and K popped round with E and P and some toys and clothes for Anton as they’ve been having a clear out.  P stayed to play with Anton which works so well.  Then Jill popped round with another quiche and stayed for a good chat.  Friends have been so lovely.

We then had a Raclette for a special tea.   I’m not sure why we deserved a special tea today in particular but we don’t search too long for reasons.  Anton seems to be eating well again (thank goodness) and a Raclette works so well as no one person feels like they’ve had to slave away for hours (me, in other words!) and the boys enjoy cooking it and eating their own strange recipes.  Dante even obliged by going to sleep upstairs.


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