Ill again

Damn.  I think I must have mastitus because the flu-y, achy symptoms have come back again and it feels even more like it’s feeding related this time.  I don’t actually have a temperature thank goodness so I’m hoping it will all go away over night like it did the other night.   I’ve been totally pathetic as a result today although I did do practise with the boys this morning but then gave up and sank on the sofa for the afternoon while Joth took Anton out to the swings.  Anton obviously had a lovely time as he came back grinning.  The boys had Sol round to play on the X-box and they went off to the shop to buy coke and sweets which they were very excited about.

The day wasn’t without it’s achievements though:  My main achievement of the day though was to get Anton to wash his hair in the bath which he is very set against at the moment.  We all had to take turns to smell his hair and make a fuss of him afterwards.  Anton’s achievement was doing a wee in his new potty for the first time which he was very excited about.  He takes all his clothes off and sits on it for hours and this time it paid off.


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One response to “Ill again

  1. Yay for Anton 🙂

    Keep an eye on the not feeling well, won’t you?

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