Smiles all round

Today has been lovely.  The sunshine has given us all a new lease of life and I felt I had limitless energy today – a wonderful feeling!  The boys went to Acorns and I took Anton to toddler group which I’d been really looking forward to as I have been wanting to show Anton that all his activities carry on even with baby.  He had a whale of a time and I had lots of really nice chats with the mums.

We had lunch outside in the garden for the first time this year and Anton played outside for ages so I took his nappy off and he used the potty again!  I can tell it’s still more by accident than design though so I’m not ready to rely on it!  I don’t mind how long it takes anyway.  Anton was busy painting the fence with water, using the chalks on the patio and watering things.  Dante seemed to be having lots of long naps today so I was able to potter with Anton, clear the kitchen and finish cooking a lasagne for tea – all of which made me feel good!

(This is the lovely fleecy blanket which my brother and C gave him)

When Dante did wake up he seemed to be even more alert than usual and he seemed to be smiling at me!  He was looking at my forehead rather than my eyes all the time but he really seemed to light up when I was talking to him and smiling at him.

I was really enjoying not teaching when the boys came back from Acorns.  We had a really relaxed evening.  Lucas gave Anton lots of attention tonight and had a bath with him.  He’s so good with him.

We had a great weekend too.  On the Saturday I managed to do a quick 2hr gig.  I wasn’t sure about working but in the end I couldn’t find a dep and thought that a 2 hour gig would be manageable with Joth hanging nearby with Anton and Dante (the boys were at R and A’s all day) so I could feed him while we had a quick break.  It was a reception rather than a ceremony otherwise I wouldn’t have risked it.  In the end it worked out fine as he wanted a feed when we would have wanted the break anyway.  So that felt like an achievement to earn some money.

On Sunday we went to meet my baby nephew for the first time!!  He’s gorgeous.  I can picture him really clearly in my mind.  I usually find that other babies just look strange when you have your own, simply because of what you are used to but baby nephew looked gorgeous to me!  He has a very expressive little face with big blue eyes.  We took lots of photos of course but none were particularly successful.  It was great to see where they are living too as we’ve never been there before, and lovely to chat with C as I’ve been speaking to my brother on the phone all the way through it all.  Dante travelled pretty well on the way there but screamed most of the way home which was pretty stressful and Anton screamed most of the way there only dropping asleep just as we arrived.  I thought that would mean he would be in a bad mood all afternoon but not a bit of it.  He loved the park we went to and pottered about while we all had a lovely picnic.


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