Here I was just thinking that  today had had too many arguments in it to be called a good day and Lucas has just given me an inpromtu hug and said “It’s been a fun day today.”    The guilty part of me says “I bet he’s just saying that because he thinks I want to hear it,” (which would be something that Lucas would do.

We’re now sitting here (Joth and I with Oscar and Lucas) watching Outnumbered with a packet of Revels. All’s right with the world again.  This episode of  ”Outnumbered”  starts with an argument, and it sounds so charming when they do it – just the sort of childish fun that is all part and parcel of a house full.  It helps today fall in to some sort of perspective.  I have to remind myself that the boys spend far more time having fun than bickering (I think we sometimes only really “tune in” when we hear them arguing)  and although I feel I end up nagging them more than I would like to about pulling their weight, when I do get through (and I do swear that Oscar actually filters out anything he doesn’t want to hear) they do try.

We’re still settling in to this 4 children lark after all and I often think I try to “do” lots of things which can put pressure on us timing wise.  I find it difficult to do less though as I think we all like doing lots of things and getting out and about.   For instance today there was a free concert given by the National Youth Jazz Orchestra which I thought might be interesting.  I had thought Joth might just take the older two but he ended up having to do a big change to his programme while the orchestra weren’t working today and it wasn’t going according to plan so I took all four boys.  The car broke down (yes, again!) on Thursday so we walked the three mile round trip (devon hills included!).  I took Dante in the sling and the boys were great (after an initial lecture from yours truly) about taking it in turns to push the buggy so that was all fine and I had Anton and Dante on my knees in the concert which was surprisingly fine too.  I think it was worth seeing as there was a mix of standards which made it interesting and feel a bit more approachable from the boys point of view I think, although typically Oscar came out full of criticisms but he was laughing at himself as he knows he does it – classical is SO much harder apparently!!  Anton was dancing away on my knee and it was Lucas’s turn to get that hot and sleepy disorder that often afflicts one or more of them at concerts.

After the slog uphill on the way home I was pretty pleased with myself for finding the energy left to make a lamb roast dinner followed by bread and butter pudding.  Joth was banned from the pudding (with his permission) which the kids found hilarious, as he cannot “see the point” of bread and butter pudding which I think is sacreligious as everyone knows it is the best pudding in the world served with syrup and cream.  The boys enjoyed it anyway and Anton ate a really good meal which feels good as he’s been fussier than usual recently.  He also managed without a sleep this afternoon.  There’s such a lot of change that  seems to happen around 2 1/2 in terms of potty training (I’m leaving that for the summer or when he shows more of an interest), sleep patterns (moving away from an afternoon nap) and just growing up in general.  His understanding and speech has come on leaps and bounds recently and I’m wondering how much of it is just the way it would be anyway at this age, or whether it is spurred on by the upheaval of baby brother’s arrival.  I’ve also noticed the first little bits of “naughtiness” creeping in and no, I never use that label but I don’t know how else to describe knowingly doing something that I’ve asked him not to do like throwing things on the floor that he doesn’t want on his plate or tipping water on Dantes face in the bath.   I can just see a little glint come in to his eye but he backs down straight away.  I don’t see a little glint as such a bad thing actually but don’t tell him that!

I’m not surprised Lucas was tired today as he had his book 2 violin recital yesterday where he performed all 12 pieces from memory.  He played really well but not quite as well as he can do but he does play really musically and he’s well set up technically.  His friends (R&A) were there which was great but it made him more nervous about it all.  Jill and Colin also came with their kids and we had party food afterwards.  I will try and put some videos on but Oscar was videoing it and I think the camera was moving around more than Lucas was so it will need quite some editing!


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