Home Alone

We’ve spent a lot of time over the weekend talking about our car situation seeing as we have a broken down van and our newly found and trusted garage chap on holiday for another week.  We were also thinking that as we will need a car in September to get Oscar to school and everyone else where they need to be, we might as well get one sooner.  Joth, as usual, threw himself in to finding a suitable car for the best possible price and I think he’s found a good one for £1300 cash.  It’s one of those strange (ugly) looking Fiat Multipla things but it has 6 proper seats with proper seatbelts and headrests and we can fit both car seats in properly.  Joth went to get it yesterday from High Wycombe so I had my first completely full day with all 4 kids, including bedtime.

Luckily Anton really is much more settled with this new baby lark now and I even managed to get all 4 of them through the bath because they had a water fight outside and got so wet and cold they were only too happy to leap in a warm bath and get scrubbed.  Dante is still in his helpful routine of going in to a reliable deep sleep at 8pm ish which means I can spend lots of time with Anton, reading and cuddling.  He even lets me sing lullabys again these days (possibly because he sees that Dante doesn’t complain).  Anton and I had a lovely day actually.  Actually I can now see where Anton gets it from as he has started tacking “Actually” on to the end of lots of sentences.  It’s rather cute when he does it actually.

Me:  “Where’s your jumper.”

Anton:  “Oh!  I fink it’s outside.   Actually.”

He also often likes to say “Yes mummy,” very politely.  That’s very cute too.

The boys went off to Acorns today, and after a fairly useful morning where once I’d overcome my momentary rabbit in the headlights panic about what I was going to accomplish first after Dante went down for a nap, I managed to have a shower and get Anton and myself dressed (don’t laugh, that’s sometimes feels like an achievement) and then did the washing, made a very impressive marble run with Anton (it works), and made yesterdays roast dinner leftovers in to a lamb pie.  Anton loved making pastry shapes.

Then I promised him a trip on Bob the Bus in to town and he was extremely focused and helpful about getting ready and was even persuaded to only take one large bag of “things” (he usually has about 3) with us but even so we got out of the house just in time to see Bob the Bus on its way in to town without us.  But I had promised so there began my second large walk in 2 days with sling and pushchair.  I feel quite chuffed with myself as I don’t usually walk enough.  I ate a packet of biscuits when I got home so I didn’t get above myself.

Town was lovely.  We bought a Seeds Italian pasty which we ate in the sunshine in Market Square, chased some pigeons, chatted to a few people and read some books in the library.  We talked about police cars, olives, pigeons, wellies, colours of cars, and noisy lorries.  I so enjoy toddler chatting.  It feels just where my brain is at at the moment.  I can just repeat everything he says so that he feels understood while giving myself time for my brain to catch up and think of something more interesting to add.

So even after a successful day without Joth I was very glad to have him back, particularly as he had spent an hour or so in the service station on the way home as the rear lights weren’t working on the car he’d just bought.  He thought it was a fuse and rang breakdown, only to have them come and replace one bulb and screw in another one properly.  Ooops!



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2 responses to “Home Alone

  1. Good to hear from you again 🙂 (Which probably means I am long overdue to blog!)

    I rather like Multiplas, actually. We saw them in Italy years ago, before they were here, and wanted one then.

    Sounds like things are going along pretty well – hope you are getting plenty of time to sit and stare adoringly at Dante in amongst the walking and cooking!

  2. lindsay349

    Yes, I keep logging in to your blog hopefully – hint hint!

    …and you are quite right – I must put “Stare at Dante adoringly” on the to do list for tomorrow!

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