One by One

LUCAS has lost another tooth, making the second this week.  He’s intent on trying to catch out the tooth fairy so with the last tooth he made me promise I wouldn’t go in his room that night and he deliberately didn’t tell Joth about losing the tooth.  He didn’t tell me I couldn’t tell Joth though so he still got his £2.  (Yes, £2 – ouch!  Way back when O lost his first tooth his friend had just lost hers and got £2 so I wasn’t sure how I could justify the £1 we’d intended to give them and still keep his faith in the tooth fairy.  Did we have a particularly stingy fairy where we lived?  Or did she just not like Oscar very much?  If I’d thought ahead properly and realised just how many teeth all of them would lose I think I would have risked spoiling what was a very tentative belief anyway.   Oscar was never really convinced about Father Xmas either.)

Anyway, with this second tooth, Lucas didn’t tell either of us about losing it.  So the tooth fairy let him down.  At 8 1/2 he’s apparently very late to be losing his teeth anyway so perhaps he’s stretching this tooth fairy lark as it is.

OSCAR is keen to cash in and is remembering all the teeth he lost that didn’t make it under his pillow.  He feels he is OWED big time.  Hence this letter:

ANTON is in a dinosaur phase.  I’m a little worried that although he doesn’t seem bothered about them eating each other at the moment (he likes to watch “Walking with Dinosaurs”) that it will all come back to haunt him in a bit.   Still, he happily lines up his army of plastic dinosaurs (and a lion?) so that they can be “Walking with Dinosaurs” too.

DANTE is growing every day.  In fact the sleepsuit he was put in last night was a stretch I admit but by this morning the poppers could not be done up any more!  His face is getting chubbier too and he’s alert for longer periods.  He just loves his bath.  No matter what mood he is in before he gets in he calms down immediately.  He is still going through his teenage acne stage but  still manages to look gorgeous.  How do babies do that?  or is it the motherly hormones kicking in?


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