Who needs Bank Holidays anyway?

I felt the boys had sufficiently recovered from their sniffles to catch up on work missed on Friday so we ignored the Bank Holiday, although we did have Pain au Chocolat which are reserved for high days and holidays.  At least, everyone else ate them whilst leaving me to catch up on sleep so everyone was happy.

Today was a very productive day, and a calm one.   Hurray!  The boys did great practise on both violin and piano and handwriting then Lucas did some verbal reasoning exercises and Oscar wanted (I repeat “wanted”!) to do long division as he said he’d forgotten it.  They then decided to make books for Anton and true to form Lucas started and finished one (pictures to follow) and Oscar did such a detailed first page that that is as far as he got.  Both approaches have their merits I feel! and they were both beautifully and lovingly done.  Something to treasure in the future.  Anton threaded a pasta necklace and painted it and cut out pictures of dinosaurs and stuck them in to his scrap book alongside his usual activities of filling countless bags in case he might have to leave home at a moments notice.

There was a lovely atmosphere all day today.  I think we’ve got right back in to the swing of it after the baby now and they’re now re-acclimatised to the “No screen (TV, computer or XBox) in the morning” rule (unless it’s part of our home ed morning) and the “Wind down for bed from 8pm” rule and they’re ready to work well in the mornings.  I love it too when even after doing their practise they do some more later on just because they are in the swing of it.  Oscar did more violin today and Lucas did more piano.  It helps when we have the CDs of their pieces on (the ones they are learning and the ones they are coming up to) while we are doing other things as they often run off and play it again!

We also had a lovely chicken roast for lunch and I did 2 hrs of teaching in the evening.  Joth also did a pretty full days work.  I think we’re back to running pace again now which brings it’s own rewards but I do want to check it doesn’t get a bit much.  I was working on Sunday too (just a 2 1/2 hr local quartet gig/wedding) and Joth was pacing the grounds with Anton and Dante as usual in case Dante wanted feeding (I could run out for 10 mins) but Dante slept in the sling for the whole time and Joth said he had a lovely afternoon with Anton  playing football and wandering around in the grounds.  There is a lovely statue of a donkey in Dartington that you can sit on so Anton loved that.  We actually left the boys in the house for the first time by themselves (although we were only a mile away with the phone on) which I’m not totally sure about but they loved it.  They took great pleasure in telling me about the fact they made a syrup of sugar and water and put it on digestive biscuits with jam!  I hadn’t thought to say “Don’t boil sugar syrup while I’m out!”  I really think they got something out of being by themselves.  Oscar came and gave me a big hug later on that evening and to my horror I heard myself say “What have you done?” as if he’d done something he was feeling bad about.  I said it in a joking way but so wish I hadn’t.  It was a lovely “Just because” hug and I nearly ruined it but luckily he’s a forgiving chap and just laughed and hugged me more.  I do think Oscar appreciated the fact that I understand him on quite a deep level.  We sometimes just catch each others eyes and he knows I know what he is thinking.   It’s fun.  Long may it last.


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