So even the fact that it was Sunday does not mean it was a list-free day.  Oh no, the work goes on…


  • GET UP.  I always put this on my to do lists so I can start the day with a sense of achievement.
  • GET DRESSED BEFORE LUNCHTIME.  This can be tricky as I only own 2 tops that I feel can breastfeed in whilst out and about without getting my flabby tummy out and about too.  I don’t mind wearing a dressing gown covered in baby sick but I do feel my clothes should at least start off OK and the washing machine and Joth (who has taken over washing duty) are both already on overdrive.
  • TIDY UPSTAIRS.  I am an upstairs/downstairs sort of woman.  No, I haven’t made the children work for me officially,  I just mean that I can only seem to be able to focus on tidying one or the other and so I spent a frantic hour carrying all the things down from upstairs that should live downstairs and then tomorrow will be downstairs day so I will take things (hopefully different things) upstairs.
  • BATH THE CHILDREN.  It has been far too long since they have bathed in their own dirty water instead of other peoples.  In other words, they have been swimming this week but the shampoo bottles always seem to come back untouched.  I even combed all their hair with the nit comb tonight.  They haven’t got nits but it makes their hair shine and I like to torture them.
  • SPEND HALF DAY AS COMPLETE FAMILY.  Phew, just squeezed that in before the end of the week.  We went to the Marble Factory and eeked out a whole afternoons entertainment inside on a rainy Sunday without spending a penny (so to speak).
  • SING IN THE CAR.  I love a good sing song but I usually cannot get the kids to join in with as much enthusiasm as I would like.  Today though, thanks to Joth’s valiant effort at joining in, the kids followed suit (when they weren’t doubled up with laughter), all except for Anton who put his hands over his ears and made regular plaintive requests for the “Horsey song.”
  • FEED CHILDREN.  This is on too many of my to do lists for my liking.  Meal times come round all too soon and what’s more, the older two seem to be eating MORE these days.  Horror.  Today’s culinary feast involved chips for the third time this week.  Not good.


  • SOMETHING INVENTIVE WITH THE 1/2 A LIMP LETTUCE AND THE AUBERGINE FROM LAST WEEK’S VEG BOX instead of the chips (even though there were sweet potatos involved)
  • KEEP MY TEMPER ALL DAY.  I only lost it at teatime.  The combination of wanting to eat my food and having a baby looking like he is about to cry at any minute isn’t a good one for me.  I want everyone to run around as madly as I am trying to get everything sorted so I can eat quickly and they don’t even lookharrassed let alone act it.
  • READ TO THE OLDER BOYS.  I went out for a surprise birthday gathering for K instead.

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One response to “Lists

  1. LOVE your list. I never put ‘get up’ on mine but I can see the logic! Must admit that I think if it was there, I’d struggle to get up as I have this rebellious side that even when I have made the lists for myself I don’t like doing them!

    By the way thanks for the link to that trust, I’d never heard of it and it’s got to be worth a try.

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