Wushu – bless you

Phew!  What a day.  Oscar was taking part in the Wushu competition at the SENI International Combat Show 2010 in the ExCel Arena, London.  It went really well and he got a silver medal for his fist form and a bronze for his sword routine.  It must be said that yet again there were only three competitors in each category!  but such are the benefits of competing in an as-yet little known field here in the West.  Still the standard was high and his marks had risen from marks in the 6’s to 8.6 and 8.35 this time.  Bryn from his class got the other silver and bronze so that worked out well and the girl who won gold is apparently the granddaughter of Bruce Lee (she is the one in the yellow suit in the video)!

It was a heck of a day though as it was really disorganised, very noisy and running very late.  We had to leave the grandparents in Hemel at 7am to get there to register at 9.15 to start at 10 and the judges didn’t even make it until 11.30!  Most frustrating.  Still, it was exciting to be part of such a big event.  Someone else took this video, we just found it on Youtube but Oscar is the first one on in the white suit.

It was fun being in London too.  The ExCel is enormous (I got very sore feet as we walked miles with Dante in the sling) and there were so many very strangely dressed people about.  Oscar was getting a bit freaked out and I was feeling all country bumpkinish and getting ready to explain to him that London was a bit like that when we saw that there was a Manga (cartoon characters) exhibition on with a queue of a couple of thousand oddly dressed people waiting to get in.


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