The rats arrive!

The highlight of the boy’s week has been getting their rats. Yes, their rats were ready to leave the breeder so we picked them up on Tuesday as soon as we got back from London.  My customary dismay at the state of our house compared to my beautifully kept inlaws house was made even worse by the boys efforts to sort the cage out for the rats.  There is now bedding everywhere and bits of rat food and felt (they have been making them a hammock).   I am trying to be relaxed about them but have said they can only have them out on the wooden floors so we can clean up the poo.  I can see they are cute though.  I think they might just be the perfect pets if they didn’t poo! Apparently they can get house trained so I’ll be looking that up on the internet pretty smartish.  At the moment they just crawl all over the boys – they’re still pretty small at only 6 weeks – so they haven’t even been on the floor yet.

Along with getting the rats on the first day back I was also doing a quartet gig at Soar Mill Cove that day.  It’s a beautiful place so R’s family came down too and they all went down to the beach with my lot while we were playing and then we all had a picnic together and the men played rounders and chase with the kids while I fed Dante and chatted to R.  I thought it was idyllic but Oscar said “It was OK” in that sort of I-have-better-things-to-do-voice.   I just hope they have lots of  lovely memories of this wonderful childhood we are trying so hard to give them!

(the rest of the quartet)

Other than that, sad highlight of my week was the aquisition of this gadget which is actually the most exciting thing I have bought for ages!  It’s fabulous.  I keep running off to clean my teeth again to have another go!  The excitement doesn’t quite make up for the depressing visit to the dentist I had before it.   I wish I hadn’t waited quite so long (5 years!) in my attempt not to pass on injections through breast milk.   And there’s no turning the clock back.  I feel OLD! in a falling apart sort of way.


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  1. Oh you have rats!!! I’m so jealous, I love rats. Best children’s pet in my opinion – actually, great for adults too 🙂

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