and not of the garden variety unfortunately.

We’ve all been ill here.  I did a concert on Saturday which involved the usual mammoth expedition.  The older boys were dropped off at the cinema (big treat) so Joth could be there for my two rehearsal breaks so I could feed Dante (who luckily was totally ammenable to those timings!   I would have had to come out the rehearsal if it hadn’t worked which wouldn’t be the end of the world but it’s not quite the done thing).  They had picnics and played until the interval of the concert when Joth drove them home hoping Dante would stay asleep in his car seat.  Which he did but instead he had his hands full with Anton who was violently sick on the way home.

I had started to feel ill during the day but was loathe to give in as it’s such a lot of effort to get me to work at the moment!  I managed not to be sick until after the concert however (on the way home in my handbag instead!!  Urrrgh!) and got home ready to collect my sympathy only to find that Joth had had to wash Anton, put him to bed, pray Dante wouldn’t wake up and then clean the car out.

The boys then started to be sick that night and we’ve all spent two days sitting on the sofa feeling sorry for ourselves.  Joth hasn’t succumbed yet (fingers crossed) so he’s been running around doing all the washing and keeping things going.

So no pictures of that lot I’m afraid!


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