Not Such Sweet Dreams

There is something about this broken night lark that is encouraging vivid dreams.  I dreamt that I took the children to the North Pole and there was some sort of ride we were going on.  I went through the gates first and they shut on me so I couldn’t get back to them and by the time the ride had finished and I’d got back to the children they had turned in to penguins and I couldn’t tell which were them and which were the other penguins.  I can’t tell you how awful it was going around trying to talk to penguins to see if I could see any glint of recognition in their eyes because of course you wouldn’t have experienced that.  But I have now.

I’m not sure what the dream means in the deeper sense but I think it stems from playing with the rubber ducks with Anton in the bath.  Unintentionally we have amassed 6 of then in various sizes so I have craftily named them after us so I can see if he can work out through play his deeper feelings about welcoming Dante in to our brood.   All I have worked out so far is that he sees mummy as a big fat duck who can’t be bothered to go swimming.

No wonder I turned them in to penguins.



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2 responses to “Not Such Sweet Dreams

  1. Penguin-children sounds horrid!

    Was wondering if O is still planning on school in September? Does he have an induction day or anything? How are you feeling about it?

  2. lindsay349

    Good question – thanks for asking! I feel very unsure about it all at the moment. I’ve got a draft post about it that I’ll try to get finished tonight. I often find myself thinking about your family where your eldest goes and your others don’t. It obviously seems to work for you though. Did she find it tricky to start with?

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