They don’t make kids like they used to

Lucas wanted to camp out tonight so we put the little 2 man tent up and lit a lovely fire and I left them toasting marshmallows happily (Oscar typically had to inject them with chocolate drops to make it “different”) while I went to put Dante to bed.  When I came down again they were inside watching Horrible Histories.  Honestly.  Don’t kids know how to have an adventure these days?  They didn’t bat an eyelid though when I marched in tutting and shooing them out again.  They are quite used to me and my strange, must- have- a- proper- childhood- ways.

They duly armed themselves with torches, lollipops and books and went off to brave the great patch of outdoors that is our garden where we can just find enough nearly level ground to pitch the small tent.  If we could pitch the bigger tent we’d all be out.  It doesn’t look like it in the pictures but it’s on a steep slope.  The kids might well have rolled elsewhere by morning.  Anton went off with them too (although I brought him in when he was falling asleep) and I squeezed in to read them stories.

Joth insisted on sitting guard outside next to the dying embers of the fire while I was trying to pull him away.  I think they need to feel they’re being a little daring.  I don’t think there are enough opportunities these days to let them have independence.

It’s been a beautiful day.

We had lunch outside and some of us even felt like dancing!…  (He’ll kill me for this but it’s worth it!)


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  1. ROFL @ “I am taking this video in case they don’t survive the night”!

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