This was my tea…

Yes, it is scones with jam and the wrong sort of cream and no, it wasn’t a good day as far as food went.

It went wrong when I went to the dentist at lunchtime.  I realise that the side I have been eating on out of necessity since my last horrendous visit is now also out of bounds so I didn’t have lunch and then I had an evening rehearsal to get through with all the palaver that involves for the whole family so didn’t get chance to cook.  So we got home from the rehearsal and I fed Dante to sleep while reading to Anton, then put Anton to bed, then went to put O and L down and find the “right sort” of clothes with Oscar for tomorrow (he has his induction day at school) and then found that there is no food in the house.  Joth scavenged some cold pizza and I found these 3 scones in the bottom of the freezer that needed rescuing from freezer burn.  Don’t worry – the kids were fed (mainly because O and L were at R&A’s house all day until 8pm) so that’s the important thing.  If anything good can come out of all my teeth falling apart then I could do with shrinking a little.  Or a lot.

It is true.  I have gone off eating.  There is no pleasure in it while I’m wondering if each mouthful is going to cause pain.  Unfortunately I seem to have gone off tidying the house too but I can’t put my finger on the reason for that.  Or perhaps, just maybe, it is the sheer monotony of years of carting stuff from one room to another with never the end in sight.  I just want to throw it all away – everything.  Or move, and take nothing with us.

It’s been a heck of a week, and it’s only Wednesday.  Joth has been very stressed as another department of the orchestra have started using his software so  new issues, problems to fix and requests to accommodate have been coming in.  He’s still working now as I write (at 11.15) having started at 6.30 this morning.   We’ve also had to fit in an introductory evening at Oscar’s new school last night.  There was a talk by the head and the atmosphere was very friendly from the teachers themselves.  I was surprised though how the other parents didn’t seem to want to be friendly.  There I was smiling like a loon (perhaps that was the problem) because I had felt we were all in this new thing together.   The head told us about a French activity week at the end of the first year that we needed to put a deposit down now for.  When Oscar found out afterwards that it was a  £390 trip he said “I don’t think I’ll bother because it won’t be fun without Lucas and we could use the money for something else.” (He’s not his father’s son for nothing.)   Ahh!  Of course we’ll find a way and will put the deposit down so that he can decide later.  I just felt a pang though as it made me realise how much things are going to change or him and Lucas and how little he realises that yet.  I just really hope his induction day goes well for him tomorrow.   They are supposed to go in in their present school uniform so we’ve been wondering whether most of them will be wearing shorts or trousers (we’re going to wear one and put the other in the car in case we change our mind when we see the others going in!) and trying to find a plain T-shirt.  He’s only got trainers to wear too.

“Induction day” sounds so horrible.  Like some sort of surgical procedure.



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4 responses to “This was my tea…

  1. Violet suggested wearing pyjamas to her induction day 😉

    Hope it goes well for O today.

    And hope your poor mouth feels better soon 😦

    • lindsay349

      Pyjamas! That’s brilliant – And all too true!… Yes all seems to have gone fine. He seemed excited by the lessons and came out smiling so so far so good. Phew! I couldn’t eat ice cream or biscuits today. Healthy things seem to be OK. I’ve noticed just how often I seem to feel like I deserve a treat! Thanks for thinking of us! Lins x

  2. It doesn’t look terribly appetising 😉

    So how did the induction day go? Not too late to change his mind …

    • lindsay349

      Aww – thanks for asking. He seemed fine when he came out although he did breathe a big sigh and say “How will I do that every day?!” I did say that I thought that nerves were exhausting on the first day.

      I must say that I found your pictures of A’s prom have really stuck in my mind as a lovely image of happy school days. Nice. x

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