And so, to the induction day.  Well, Oscar came out smiling so that’s got to be good.   Joth said he looked the most nervous he’d ever seen him when he went in.  His shoulders go up and his eyes widen but there’s never a question of backing out with Oscar.  He’s always game for new experiences.  Joth also noted that he “queued like a home edder” to go in to the hall.  I can only imagine that he wasn’t one of the first in there.

Oscar was full of all the lessons when I picked him up and he told me about them all in detail:

  • the treasure hunt they did to explore the school.  They only had 2 maps between 10 people so he said he never saw the map and just followed everyone  – now that would never happen in a home ed group!
  • chemistry with bunsen burners which he loved – and he said he asked a question which I thought was brave,  and he told me all about the experiment in detail.
  • maths, where he said he came second in the task which was about statistics/gambling and making money (which is right up his street!) and he said the person who came first had added up their marks wrongly but he didn’t like to say!
  • and a talk about the library.  They had to take a book away to read over the summer and do a review on and O chose one he had already read and was very excited to tell me about his “cheating”.  I call it quick thinking.

He said he didn’t like the person who ran the library but seemed philosophical about it saying “I suppose there are always teachers you don’t like.”   He said he was relieved that the lessons were easy but then he said he didn’t know how he was going to do that every day and do practise too.  I was  surprised he was thinking of that!  but did say that I was sure the nerves were a big part of feeling exhausted.

He said he went round with a boy called Robert who had lent him a pencil (I’m sure they told us they didn’t need anything with them – oops – and I so want to be the sort of mum that gets it right) but he couldn’t seem to tell us anything else about him other than his name.   He said “I liked the lessons so that was the main thing” and said lunch was “OK” but apparently he found himself telling them that he didn’t want ice cream and said he can’t work out why he said that!  He said it was incredibly busy in the lunch hall so I think that threw him.

So along with not knowing that he needed a pencil (“All the others had bags but I suppose they’re used to school”) I was nearly late to pick him up too!  Arrggh!  I had spent the day doing educational concerts in Torquay and it took nearly 3/4 hr in heavy traffic to get there.   I flung the car on the double yellow, grabbed a sleeping Dante in the heavy car seat and made a hot and bothered Luc run with a very heavy-nappied Anton to the school gates just in time.  Not the impression we’re trying to cultivate.  I did whisk them all straight off to buy an ice cream for the way home to win back some brownie points.

The educational concerts were fun to do.  I love playing in a bigger orchestra (around these parts 4 desks of 1sts constitute a big orchestra) and playing “bigger” music again like Berlioz’s “Roman Carnival” overture and Britten’s “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.”  It was a shame that it wasn’t more imaginatively presented for the kids but it’s still a good opportunity to see an orchestra for nothing and 31 home educators took the chance to come this year which was great.   Lucas watched it all but Dante didn’t think much of it so Joth didn’t even make it to the first note.  Shame!  Still we had a nice picnic with friends and Luc and Anton enjoyed themselves.

We had a games evening to celebrate getting through such a hectic day but Joth ended up falling asleep at the table and went to bed before the boys.   He slept for an unheard of 10 hours..



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6 responses to “Inductions

  1. Ah, I love that “he queued like a home edder” 😉
    I’m glad he liked the lessons! And curious how things will be in September!

  2. Queued like a home edder! Love it 🙂

    Glad he came out happy. Tell him to fit everything in he’ll just have to get up at about 5am like the Clarkes 😉

    How far is the school from where you are? Will you be driving him or is there a public transport option?

    • lindsay349

      Ah, I was wondering how the Clarkes fit it all in!

      The school is 9 miles away unfortunately (taking about 20mins) with no option of public transport. Lift sharing should be an option when we get to know people but we wouldn’t even have considered the school as an option if J didn’t work from home and have flexible hours. It will still be a pain!

      • She’s exaggerating – only 6am!
        School runs are a pain in the bum, there’s no two ways about it – but if he’s enjoying it I hope you’ll be able to cope! Is there no school bus or anything?

        Sounds like the induction day went well though. Is there much happening musically at school?

      • lindsay349

        6am! I didn’t know there was such an hour! Not sure about the music at school yet but I thought I could supplement it outside if it’s not great. Nope, no school bus. 😦 Hope to meet friendly mums for lift share (sounds like lonely hearts ad!)

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