My Birthday

What a great day!  And not just because of the presents (the painted china from the kids, the game I had been wanting to buy at Christmas cleverly bought by my brother, or the generous cheques from my Dad and inlaws) or the lovely things we did (dinosaur museum, Pizza Express for lunch and donkey rides, gambling and beach) but mainly because of the lovely mood that everyone was in.  The museum and lunch out especially were very special times.    Pizza Express was very empty which made it more relaxing but Anton and Dante behaved beautifully and we had such a lovely chat about all sorts of things like:  is it more fun being a child or an adult, and what super power would you like to have best?

The whole day had been relaxed from the start because for once I wasn’t really set on where I wanted to go and it made me think that it doesn’t really matter where we go or what we do as long as everyone is up for it.  I haven’t felt that happy and relaxed for rather too long a time.  The fact that it was a birthday meant that we were treating ourselves without feeling guilty (I still asked the kids to share a coke while we had tap water!) and I didn’t feel bad that Joth wasn’t working but it was more than that –  I felt everyone wanted me to have a lovely day.  Aren’t I lucky!

The museum worked well because the kids had a questionnaire to fill out which they wanted to complete.  Anton was a bit scared by the roaring noises but when I was cuddling him in bed tonight and he was talking about his day he said “The noises were scary.  Can we go there again?”  ??!!

We drove to Paignton after lunch and Joth had a sleep in the car with Anton and Dante while I walked to the pier with Oscar and Lucas.  We ended up having our first ever go at Bingo!   How bizarre and such fun, all for £2!  When the others woke we all went to the beach.  The kids all ran in the sea but there were rather a lot of jellyfish which put paid to Oscar’s idea of diving off the boat ramp.  Still, sandcastles were dug and paddling was enjoyed by all.  Oscar and Lucas even dragged me on a rollercoaster which looked tame from the outside but which pretty scary from the inside!   I haven’t done anything like that for years.  It shows there is life in the old-er dog yet – all 39 years of me.

The passing of time hadn’t really hit me today except for a brief moment this morning when I was woken by my alarm clock falling off my shelf and on to my face.  I have the bruise to prove it!



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4 responses to “My Birthday

  1. Looks like a great day! Really happy for you 😀

  2. Oh, happy birthday – glad you had a great day 🙂

  3. lindsay349

    Thanks folks!! 🙂

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