For One Night Only

It’s been another lovely couple of days.  Yesterday, after the boys piano lesson in the morning I started my mission of tidying the house.  Joth even gave me a couple of hours by myself in the afternoon and I managed to get quite a reasonable amount done and feel SO much better!  So quick, make the most of it – for one night only.  Tomorrow it’ll be back to chaos in a nano second I’m sure.

So today, with my new squeaky clean feeling (actually I didn’t clean, only tidy – I never get to the cleaning stage) the two younger ones came with Joth and I to visit an old friend of ours that we hadn’t seen for 7 years!  She hadn’t changed at all so I could try and imagine that the years have been kind to us (until I look in the mirror) and we met her partner and children aswell.  It was a lovely day with the odd strange moment provided by Anton.  Her little lad wanted to get in the bath and our ever friendly Anton wanted to get in too.  Then a few minutes later her little boy wanted to get out and when I asked Anton if he knew why he was quiet for a bit and then said “I bit his toe.”  Oh.  I was pleased he’d told me so I just told him that C didn’t like it so he needed to make him feel better and he went to say sorry and stroke his toe better.  We had a little chat later about how that might be OK with brothers (he does a sort of little testing bite to see if there is a reaction – Hmmm) but it is certainly not a way to endear yourself to people you’ve only just met.  Other than that though they seemed to have a pretty nice time and I so enjoyed changing the family dynamic and just having the little ones but with Joth too (a rare happening).

The result of me feeling so refreshed was a really lovely evening with all the boys.  They’d had a fantastic time, as usual, with R&A, having a mammoth Warhammer Tournament and going to their sisters show and eating pizzas so everyone was feeling good.  Lucas ran up the stairs (I was in the bath with Dante) and immediately asked us if we’d had a nice day.  Then Oscar heard me saying how nice it was to be asked and he ran in to ask too!   Lucas wanted to read to Anton and then they both wanted to hug him goodnight.  Anton sometimes has to be coached in to hugging the boys goodnight as he just wants to cuddle me instead so we make a big show of cuddling each other and then Anton wants a go aswell.  The boys act as if they’ve hit gold!  They always say how lovely a kiss from Anton makes them feel – Ahh!


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  1. Great! Sounds really good!

    I’ve just started FlyLady again. That really helps me to tidy AND clean! You know her? 😀

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