A Boy of Distinction!

Oscar got a distinction for his Grade 5 violin – Hurray!!  So did my other pupil.  Excellent.

I agree with all the marks too which is always nice.

I am drinking wine to celebrate.  Oscar’s asleep.



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6 responses to “A Boy of Distinction!

  1. Congratulations! 😀

  2. Well done Oscar!
    (which pieces did he play, out of interest? Josiah’s starting to look at them)

    Anna heard that she got a distinction in her grade 5 bassoon yesterday – exactly matching the scores she got for cello and piano! 130 is still a distinction though, right? 😉

    • lindsay349

      Well done Anna! – three instruments is quite something (and the bassoon is a lovely instrument – always in demand too.) And yes, 130 is most definately a distinction!!

      He played Tambourin, Sicilienne (sp?!) and Cossack Dance which was one of the alternatives and I think it’s a great piece to do. Foot tapping, gyspy type music which encourages flair in performance! Can’t have too much flair I reckon…

      • Josiah wants to do the Snowman Dance – I guess since he’ll have perfected it around Christmas time I can just about cope with it. And Sicilienne, and I can’t remember the name of the other one – A1! He liked the Cossack dance as well but the Snowman piece was his favourite.

  3. congrats Oscar, that is indeed a great achievement.

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