Home not so sweet Home

We’ve had such a wonderful holiday.  The trouble was that it has made coming back hard.  Our home looks so scruffy and dirty and the pile of washing is SO huge that it’s really quite ‘orrible.  Jax, I took the photo to make you feel better about yours!  This was taken even after the machine had done two washes.

Joth has to work tomorrow and I have a friend coming to stay, Lucas’s birthday to prepare for, and packing to be done immediately after the unpacking so we can go away to housesit at Joth’s  cousin on Sunday – so it all just felt a bit overwhelming today.  The boys were tired too after our 4am start and only Joth was initially cheerful but even he couldn’t hold out against the rest of us for long.   Shame.

So let’s think of the lovely holiday instead…

We did some really memorable things on the last few days of the holiday.  I’ve just been looking through the photos and felt quite tearful thinking how lovely it has all been and I’m kicking myself for any minute of it when I didn’t fully appreciate how fantastic and memorable it all was.  Even the simplest things were wonderful and the boys just entered in to everything so whole heartedly.

We went to Concarneau on the Sunday and wandered around the enormous market there.  We shared two kids meals between five of us (!) so Lucas could have the Moules Marinieres he wanted (he’s so aware that he’s not usually adventurous with food so he really enjoys being the one who loves these).  The old walled city there is really stunning and they seem to do touristy things so tastefully in France.  The boys bought the most enormous marshmallows to put in their hot chocolate that night and then we headed off to see a jousting show with horses and stunts in the setting of the walled city.  It was great fun.  Anton seemed to be loving it as he still loves his “horses”  but we were so close to them that it was quite overwhelming and every now and then he said “Can we go home?”   Ever since we left of course, he’s been asking to go back and see the horses!  I am finding though that one of the best things about having more children is that it takes the pressure off feeling that you have to win them all!  They don’t all have to enjoy it and show their appreciation for us to feel it was worth it. Two or three out of four is a good enough hit rate!

In fact the last day was a very good example of that.  We went to a maze in a corn field which I have always wanted to do.  A maze from Anton’s point of view seemed a little pointless (just pedalling around on his little bike never knowing where he was going) but he seemed happy enough and even when a strange masked wizard leapt out at us every now and then, which terrified the life out of the rest of us, he didn’t bat an eyelid.  How bizarre!  As Joth said, masked men leaping out of fields taller than you are is the stuff of horror films.  I tried to video it but then I dropped it in a panic when the wizard did jump out at us so the screaming on the video is real! It was all such fun though and the weather held until we got back when it poured down.  In fact that last afternoon was the only time it had rained all week and even then we managed to get the game of crazy golf in that we had been promising ourselves all week.  We just feel so lucky that we had had such great weather during the rest of the week.

Monday (the day before the last day) was particularly sunny and we went to the beach at Pointe du Trevignac.  It was stunning and we all went swimming, although it was my costume’s last outing – Oscar only told me it had a big hole in it after the swim.  Time to get a new one.  I might take it back.  An M&S costume should last more than 20 years surely?

We ended our holiday with a celebratory meal out in Pont Aven.  We all had drinks, meal and pudding (which we had held back on in the rest of the week) and the waitress was really friendly so it was a great end.  We set the alarms for 4am English time and slept for the last time in the caravan we’d got rather fond of.  Oscar said one of his favourite parts about the holiday was going to bed as he liked sleeping so close together and feeling connected.  The sleeping did work rather well as O and L shared a room with single beds, Anton and Joth shared a similar room (although with such narrow beds Anton slept well all week and then fell out of bed three times in the last night but didn’t  wake once!) and Dante and I shared a double bed.

And the journey home?  Uneventful and even rather pleasant which makes us think that we could possibly do this trip to Brittany again.  The boys really want to.  So do I – in fact tomorrow would be nice.


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  1. Wow, I’m so happy for you that the holiday was great!! (I’m enjoying Flylady, you know her? 😉 Or did I tell you this already?)

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