Birthday bonanza

Lucas’s birthday spanned a couple of days here with a party on the Friday involving an Eat as Much as You Like buffet at Pizza Hut  (the kids were free!) and Crazy Golf.  The Golf worked so well even though we were a group of 8.  I thought people would get fed up waiting for their turn but no one seemed to and even Anton was fantastic.  In fact I think he did amazingly, waiting for his go (even if he had several pushes in one go!) and keeping out of the way of everyone’s go.  He was a little star.

We then went home for birthday cake which was a swimming pool cake this year.   Lucas had given me plenty of warning of his request (he gets very excited about his cakes way in advance!) so I could source the necessary blue jelly (after my last failed attempt which looked like an algae affected pond)  and I needed the extra time as believe it or not I had to order blue jelly from Australia!  Thank heaven for the internet.  It arrived in plenty of time so I put somewhere safe, congratulating myself on my forethought and then – yes, I lost it.  Luckily Joth found it for me in the nick of time and the cake was saved.  I was pretty pleased with it and it was a lot of fun to make.  I love finding sweets to use and the candy necklaces to mark out the lanes and the fizzy sticks for the ladder were my favourite this year.   My friend Steven was visiting and together we made little figures out of fondant icing (I like to make sure everything is edible).  Lucas is the one swimming, Oscar is sitting on the side (and seems to have a pot belly), Anton is crawling on the diving board, and Dante is looking like a turtle (oops!) on the beach mat on the edge.  Fun, fun.  When asked (why did I ask?!) Lucas said it was a good cake but not as good as the Hogwarts castle.  Hmmph.  He just loves getting a cake though and I must say they had such fun with it this year laughing over the figures falling in and eating all the different sweets.  I put skulls and bones in the jelly water too for added something (sugar?)

Anyway, that’s jumping ahead because we only had the cake at the end of the party day after the Pizza Hut trip and a game of Crazy Golf.  The

On Luc’s actual birthday (the Saturday) he opened his presents first thing and was pleased to get lots of things that he wanted, and some things he didn’t know yet that he would want (like a Wii dance game that once he and Oscar had tried they have been on it almost constantly ever since!   It’s such fun!)   The only annoying mistake was the fact that I’d bought an Xbox game that he wanted for Xbox arcade instead of Xbox 360.  There were tears about that unfortunately – the let down was too much.  Damn.  That’s what comes of having a mother that tries to buy things more cheaply on ebay.

We had a brunch after they had played with some of the things he got and then they went to a Cameratinis orchestral rehearsal (with pizza and chips!) for the Totnes Show the next day.  Steven had to go home that afternoon but later the rest of us had a special treat evening with snacks and fizzy drinks while firstly playing the Wii Dance game with Joth and myself and then watching “Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief” which was enjoyable but I always find myself wondering why they make all these films to a formula.

I think Lucas had a lovely day, as did we all.



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5 responses to “Birthday bonanza

  1. Wow, you are an artist! My boys also have specific requests about the cake. And it’s A LOT of work! 😀

    Love the ‘turtle’ 😉

  2. And happy birthday to Lucas!

  3. lindsay349

    I get so much pleasure out of doing the cakes but it’s always such a late night, last minute job!

  4. Fabulous cake, I’m in awe (my lot think it’s good if they get to choose one in Sainsbury’s, lol!).

    • lindsay349

      Ah, you see, that’s how I should have started things. I didn’t think ahead to all those sleepless nights I would spend before birthdays each time! x

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